Ways to Calculate Mud Tank for Solids Control System

As it’s known to all, solids control system or drilling mud system is always utilized for oil and gas drilling, HDD, tunneling and so forth. GN Solids Control has focused on manufacturing and delivering solids control equipment and system. The 4 stage equipment for an entire solids control system has covered the web, as simply listed as shale shaker, desander, desilter or mud cleaner(the mixture of desander and desilter), and decanter centrifuge. Besides, we certainly need collecting containers for that processed mud, that’s mud tank. For any needed treating capacity, how you can calculate a satisfy mud tank? You can easily calculate a mud tank with small volume, because there might be no restriction for transportation and shipping. But what about a bigger volume, even huge volume?


As the top manufacturer that can produce solids control equipment, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd also manufactures matched up mud tank for any system. Regarding large treating capacity designed for an entire solids control system, when pick the mud tank, you should think about a number of things which are essential.


The first is inland transport restriction in user’s country. You need to bear in mind it when calculating, and meanwhile you need to learn if the user will dismantle equipment while transportation or otherwise (as the solids control devices are usually placed on the mud tank). The 2nd factor you need to discover the shipping limitations. Generally, you will find three kinds width for the choice, the littlest the first is for inside container shipment, that is more cheaper and convenient the medium is container shipment, the biggest and the first is bulk cargo shipment, that is more costly and harder to locate ship. The 3rd factor you should think about is sand pumps attached around the mud tank, which will raise the length. GN solids control always considers completely to create probably the most appropriate mud tank.


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