GN Mud Plant System for African Drilling

GN Solids Control Co. continues to be focusing on solids control and drilling waste management systems for several years, our items happen to be released to in excess of 60 nations so far. Among all the varieties of GN solids control systems, GN mud plant systems will also be extremely popular because of the best quality.

mud tank 1

As everyone knows, GN mud plant product is mainly utilized for prepare and storage the drilling liquids for rigs, meaning the mud plant has got the purpose of agitating, mixing and storage varieties of drilling mud. Different drilling rigs need various drilling mud in viscosity or liquidity, and also the mud plant should offer OBM (oil base mud), WBM (water base mud) or SBM (synthetic base mud).


GN has numerous effective encounters to create and manufacture mud plant for the clients. With this mud plant, it may provide drilling mud for several rigs within the work place of Africa. We’re proud to state that GN Solids Control just provided a bouquet of mud plant for COSL (China Oilfield Services Ltd) in October, 2014. COSL are pretty satisfied to make use of this mud plant from GN.


This group of mud plant for Africa client such as the following devices:


  1. GN Mud tank


Ideas provided seven teams of mud tank for the client, many of these tanks are made with canopy. For GN mud tank, you will find particular kinds for example skid mounted, trailer mounted could be chose. And also the mud tank cover is also converted to grating plate or checkered plate.


  1. GN Mud agitator


You will find twenty-one mud agitators fixed on these seven mud tanks for agitating and mixing. GN mud agitator is very effective of mud agitating, so we just upgrade our mud agitator to some more compact type.


You will find several other devices for example mud gun, centrifugal pumps etc. GN Solids Control also offered decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer for the African client.

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Solids removal Unit for Mining drilling

GN designed solids removal unit for mining drilling is really a compact designed unit to get rid of the solids in the drilling liquids, the semi-dry solids are disposal through the truck and also the liquids is drained off and away to the forest or re-use for drilling. The device could be created for both skid mounted or trailer mounted portable for simple transportation in one rig site to a different. GN 150L/min solids removal unit for mining such as the devices below:

1 GNLW223VFD high-speed decanter centrifuge, using the littlest model 9 inch bowl diameter, the max bowl speed can achieve 3800rpm or 4200rpm.

decanter centrifuge 3

2 GNZS752E-DM 2-panel shale shaker with top hole section to get rid of the large solids and fewer the solids content before feeding towards the decanter centrifuge

3 silenced generator 38KVA with Cummins engine, the clients can source the spares in your area

4 mixing hopper, mixing pump, VFD user interface, shale shaker, decanter centriuge, silenced generator, electric user interface are installed on one skid for convenient move

5 General treating capacity of the solids removal unit is 150L/min

6 Mud tank volume is completely 4000L, to storage enough clean drilling liquids for reuse

Benefits by utilizing GN solids removal unit:

1 Environment friendly, sump free operation

2 Ruduce water consumption

3 Financial savings, including reduce drilling liquids consumption, reduce site set-up and removal costs, safeguard the gemstone core drilling bits so lessen the lower-hole drilling tools cost,etc.

4 Semi-dry solids could be moved directly by truck, save the price of solids disposal

5 Complete dimension from the whole solids removal unit is same goes with standard 20ft container, with standard trailer for shipment, need small space to create-up

GN designed personalized solids removal unit to satisfy different dependence on our clients in mining industry, GNLW223 series decanter centrifuge happen to be broadly accustomed to separate fine solids in the drilling liquids. Please contact GN solids control or GN solids America to learn more.

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