A New Type of Centrifuge Created in The Preceding Variety

GNLW223 horizontal decanter(produced by GN Solids America) can be a new type of centrifuge created in the preceding variety of GNLW series large length/diameter ratio decanter. In comparison to the LW series decanters, in condition of the same separation issue, its solution capacity and separation impact has significantly increased. Its characters are as follows:

553 Decanter Centrifuge 1

  1. Suitability:

The centrifuge can meet the solid-liquid separation requirements for a variety of sorts of suspensions. The materials to be separated by the machine may be applied for separating, dewatering, clarifying or classifying suspensions which have solid content material ≤10%, liquid/solid volume content material ≥50%, liquid/solid density difference ≥0.05g/cm3, and strong equivalent diameter ≥5 microns. If there’s excellent density distinction between the solid and liquid, the mixture is often separated even when the equivalent diameter of strong particle ≥2 microns. As a result, making use of the machine can cut down the cost of drying components, so that it is broadly utilized in food and pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, ores and minerals, petrochemical industry and so on.

  1. Automatic Properties:

The centrifuge is often used to continuously separate suspension. Beneath the influence in the USA Mud Gas Separator force, the clarified liquid is collected by the chamber by way of the sieve, then drained in the pipe. Meanwhile the dehydrated solids are constantly pushed in to the little end from the bowl and are continuously discharged from this end with the bowl. During this course of action, the washing liquids can unceasingly clean the deposits around the sieve. Consequently the machine can function devoid of intermission from charge to discharge, and run steady throughout the approach following selecting a series of appropriate procedure parameters.

  1. Sophisticated Style:

The Drilling Mud System has a compact structure, covers a comparatively smaller location, and is simple to keep. For that reason this design and style improves the productive capacity and separated efficiency. Additionally this design and style males a separation course of action beneath a sealed condition, so the machine might be employed to automatic production line, and possesses sanitary property.

  1. Easy to Adjust:

Thinking of the needs of users, the operational parameters, for instance speed, differential speed, quantity of worm heads, and aperture of sieve may be adjusted or corrected quickly to separate suspensions based on their characteristics.

  1. Supplies of Building:

All parts that contact materials to be separated are made from stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

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150 GPM Mini Mud Cleaning Strategy for HDD Drilling Rig to Australia

GN 150GPM Mini Mud Cleaning System is made for HDD drilling rig. It definitely is extremely compact in design and is rather quick to develop into transported on a truck. The tank strategy obtains both the mud cleaning function by a double deck USA Shale Shaker with four inch hydrocyclones and mud mixing function by the jet mud mixer.

Mud Cleaner 3
This HDD mud method(sold by GN-Solids-America) is brought to Australia to attend a No Dig Exhibition, and will be on sale right soon after the show.
Equipment configuration of the HDD mud cleaning approach
1 ea X mud tank: net capacity 5000 Liters
two ea X centrifugal pump: 1 for feeding shale shaker, the other for the mixing unit
1 ea X double deck desilter with four ea 4 desiler cones
The all round mud treating capacity of the HDD mud technique is 150 GPM, final year we had taken a larger unit – 500 GPM mud recycling and cleaning technique to Australia.
In case you’d like to get a HDD mud strategy tailored to your drilling mud system, please make make contact with with us to obtain a proposal.

Customized Colored Mud Agitator for Well-known Middle East Client

In current days, a batch of cargos should be to be sent to Middle East with client’s FWD. It’s the second time that client obtain mud agitator and mud guns from GN Solids Manage. Their 1st order was executed well at web site, and they trust GN’s ability and quality very effectively. From time to time it is extra financial for customers obtain a neighborhood tank maker and obtain equipments from oversea supplier. Because of large dimension, sea freight for tanks is high and shipment takes longer time. But equipments can be shipped in containers, with detailed drawings, equipments can be conveniently installed on determined positions. What does this customer order from GN Solids Manage? 1. GNJBQ Mud Agitator, GNJBQ075A. 16 sets plus 6 sets, amongst which 16 sets are for installation, while other six sets for stock spare ones. two. GNNJQ Mud Gun, GNNJQ80A-3X, rotary mud gun which covers 360 degree range. 16 sets plus four sets, separately for installation and spare. three. GNSLS45A Mud Mixing Hoppers, 6 sets. Employed for mixing and adding new components towards the program. Ahead of final time enterprise with GN Solids Handle, that clients had no idea of GN’s solution range. Now he knows more about GN Solids Control because the 1st API and ISO certified enterprise who recently got DNV CE marks. He is now inquiring to GN about some centrifugal pumps and spare parts for his below service centrifugal pumps. New orders are pending, and GN is striving to supply much better solutions and solutions to all its consumers. Compact GN Drilling Mud Agitator for Piling

Reduce the Drilling Fluids Contamination

First of all, Drilling fluids or mud are made up of a variety of fluid(polymer, diesel, synthetic material, water ,mineral oil etc) .there are organic chemicals in the drilling fluids ,and chemical will form an insulating layer to prevent water penetration from soil and plants. And the organic chemical will contaminate plants and soil. For those pollution, it will take several years to degrade the organic chemical in the soil. The solids cutting also will contaminate the plant, soil and ground water.

Secondly, on some locations, a “zero-tolerance” policy is in effect concerning behaviors that might endanger workers, the environment, or the safe progress of the operation. Government put strict policies on the health, safety, and environmental (HSE). Therefore, water and our land could not be polluted by the drilling fluids any more.

For above reasons, our Drilling waste management system and equipment are getting much attention. Especially, GN vertical cutting dry+ decanter centrifuge combination effectively reduce the pollution from drilling fluids and cutting, maximum recycle and reuse drilling fluids. 30~50 Ton/hour treating capacity of cutting dryer will meet most working project.

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