GN solids control company

Through the fast growth and development of GN Solids Control Company, GN has built one American branch company which title is GN Solids America in Houston, Texas. Besides, GN is busy with opening another branch company in Moscow, Russia. GN think that by establishing both of these branch companies and some other branches will also be ready to open within the next couple of years, GN are experiencing a significantly faster growth and serve more customers with excellent equipment.

As different regions or nations may have new ways to make business, GN has had some necessary things into account. Simply take GN Solids America for example; thinking about the neighborhood culture and language difference, GN is employing local employees to work in Houston office. And GN also sent engineers to American for technical help and providing good service.

It is extremely common that lots of companies in the use are prepared to rent some equipment and utilize them for some time. So GN starts doing rental business for solids control tools and drilling waste management systems. Many of these tools are hotly welcomed by local clients.

As more clients arrived at GN Solids America and request for solids control tools and some other tools for leasing, GN has paid increasingly more attentions on reasonable storage. Within the other half year of 2014, many GN tools for example shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, mud cleansers have been getting delivered to Houston warehouse.

GN also pays lots of focus on storage spares for emergency use. Shaker screens will be delivered to America and become stored inside a fixed number. Today, GN just arranged to send 11 wood pallets that are filled with spares and consumable parts, for example springs utilized on shake shaker, cyclones utilized on mud cleaner, differential systems utilized on decanter centrifuge etc.


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