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Carefully Designed Protections for GN Decanter Centrifuge

As leading manufacturer of solids control and waste management systems and equipment, GN Solids Control’s decanter centrifuges are very popular among the clients also. Based on the request of many clients and the coming trend of the higher technology, GN has improved the decanter centrifuge and other equipment every year, and GN decanter centrifuge are more and more human oriented. Some devices on GNLW decanter centrifuge are making operators work to be easier and some are used to prolong the service life.


  1. GN added a protection belt for the bowl during transportation. During long way transportation, the gentle bearings are possible to be damaged before using because of the bowl’s weight. This belt helps to carry most of the weight of the bowl and greatly released the bearing’s burden.
  2. There is a hydraulic jack up on side of the collection box, which helps the operator to open the collection box easier. With help of this design, even a gentle lady could handle the collection box cover easily.
  3. Which is more important, during operation, there are some protections. There is a over flow by pass pipe on decanter centrifuge, when the feeding capacity is too large to be handled by the decanter centrifuge, the extra fluids flows back via the over flow pipe. This pipe is also used to flush the decanter centrifuge every time when work is stopped.
  4. Over current protection. In GN centrifuge’s program, there is an over current protection, when the current is detected to be some percentage more than rated, the centrifuge would stop automatically. It may be because of the block of the bowl or impeller, it is reminding the operator to check the centrifuge or flush it when necessary.
  5. On request of some client, GN could also add some vibration sensor or temperature sensor on the decanter centrifuge and shows the data in the PLC control panel, which helps the operator to observe the decanter centrifuge’s performance and give in-time instruction.

If you have more suggestion or question regarding GN decanter centrifuge, or other GN products including shale shaker, shear pump, mud cleaner, mud mixing system.etc.  welcome to contact us freely.

GN Mini Centrifuge

GN Solids Control manufactures various solids control equipments and provides into the global customers over sixty countries. Now GN Solids Control has 9 in . centrifuge, 14 inch centrifuge, 18 inch centrifuge in addition to 22 inch centrifuge.
GN 9 inch centrifuge is usually GNLW223, the rotating acceleration can reach to 4500 rpm for ultra okay solids or particles splitting up. When using different pulleys along with belts, the centrifuge revolving speed can be adjusted. GN additionally provides variable speed centrifuge for clients have several fluids to treat. Treating capability of this centrifuge is around 21 GPM, which will be a little various when treating different going fluids with different densities in addition to viscosities.
GN mini decanter centrifuges are mainly used in the actual mining or core going area, which will be also made use of when have small healing capacity demand. During not too long ago, GN Solids Control has furnished many sets of tiny decanter centrifuge for entire world clients. Now we would like to express one testing result for the mini centrifuge GNLW223.

GN Mini Centrifuge
The actual treating material is 43% oil based slurry, density will be 1650kg/m3, GN use a tiny positive displacement pump or even screw pump to give food to into this decanter centrifuge, treating capacity can be arrive at to 15GPM to 20 GPM. The rotating speed associated with GN decanter centrifuge is actually 2600rpm due to our consumer don’t need to have very dried up solids or cuttings. The particular liquid density come out from discharge port is 1200kg/m3, while the solid discharge is similar to mike shaker.
In order to have a sizable treating capacity, GN in addition provide customized pulley which really helps to increase the rotating speed in the screw propeller. Our clientele wants the solid launch is relative soft, and so not plugging the decanter. In order to have a higher process charge, we’ve found that the primary limitation now is coming from the sturdy discharge rate. We’ve located that double the twist speed will help. In that case we all designed a small drive steering wheel and find some belts just for this client. GN also gives large decanter centrifuge like GNLW363 for large dealing with capacity.

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Points that need to consider when choosing mud system

Zero-discharge mud recycle system is loop system that use the drilling mud continually  while performing filtering for solids that contain in the mud.  The function is similar human’s blood system.  To treat the mud properly through solids control, the mud system need to consider in points below:

  • Drilling rig type and spec
  • Speed of the drilling process
  • Solids that will be filter
  • bore length
  • The gallon per minute (GPM) of the pumps
  • Volume and amount of tanks that are needed
  • How many and what size of hydrocyclone
  • The filter screen size for shale shaker and mesh number
GNCM -40A Drilling Waste Management system
GNCM -40A Drilling Waste Management system

These factors determine your mud system that is adequate enough to clean the mud and protect the components and the drill bit of the rig, pumps and mud cleaners.

Treating Capacity:  Rule of thumb, double the actual treating capacity.

The mounting of system; trailer or skid.  Trailer mount is need mount on trailer and it becomes part of the system.  Skid mount is detachable from the flat transportation method.

Shale shaker screen area: Larger the treating area, treating volume is larger. if project needs.

Mesh selection:  In reference the solids that need to be filtered.  The mesh# (API#) is number of opening per square inch.  Depend the solids size and density of the mud will determine choice of the screen.

Shale Shakers: There are three different kind of shale shakers (orbital, elliptical and linear). Orbital is a circular motion and elliptical isn’t perfectly circular — it’s an ellipse or oval. Linear has vibration that is induced by a pair of eccentric (or eccentrically weighted) shafts turning in opposite directions. This type of arrangement allows for the development of straight line or linear motion that can also be produced in a positive (uphill) incline.
While each kind of shale shaker has a specific place that it will stand-out from other choices such as unit selling price, the ability to process heavy clays and rock or fines and ultra-fines, our overall preference of choice is the linear.

Hydrocyclones:  desander, desilter and mud cleaner combo machinery are all use various size of hydrocycles to filter the solids from the drilling mud. Each cone size has a micron cut point, which is the size of the smallest particle that the cone can pull out. The 4 inch cones have a micron cut of 20 microns and the 10 inch. have a 74 micron cut.

GNDC-40A Waste Management System for Russia

GN Solids Control is the first manufacturer for waste management systems which are accepted by Russian market. Just a few days ago, GN has delivered a complete set of waste management system to Russia. Now, GN’s vertical cuttings dryer and its waste management systems are most popular among the end users. Although it is a tough year for all the oil relating industries, GN also sells lots of waste management systems to the clients and receives good feedback.

GNDC-40A Waste Management System

GNDC-40A is one of the 2 standard drilling cuttings waste management systems GN designed for different jobsite requests. GNDC-40A is more suitable for the waste management jobsites which are alongside with the drilling rigs, in this system, there is no tank for containing the liquid phase from the centrifuge, and the centrifuge is hosted at a certain height so that the liquid discharged from the centrifuge flows directly to the active tank of solids control system easily. And when matching with an effective set of solids control system, this drilling waste management system could work continuously.

GNDC-40B is another standard design of drilling waste management system designed by GN Solids Control. It is more suitable for the mud companies or somewhere specially for treating the drilling waste cuttings. In some countries, there is no need for a drilling jobsite to have a waste management system, and the drilling cuttings are transported and collected in a special place for further treating. In this case, we use GNDC-40B, which has a tank for the liquid discharged from vertical cuttings dryer and another tank for the liquid finally discharged from the centrifuge.

Besides above mentioned 2 kinds of standard drilling cuttings waste management systems, GN also has the individual modules for waste management equipments, vertical cuttings dryer, high-G drying shaker and high speed decanter centrifuge, each one could be regarded and used separately. In the coming CIPPE Shanghai, GN will show such modules, welcome to come and see.

Welcome to GN technologies

With many years or experience GN Technologies has become the world leader in the design of drilling mud solids control and waste management for the treatment of organic waste streams.

As the top manufactuer with a powerful technologies team in china ,GN technologies can designs all solution to meet our clients’ specific decontamination performance needs. Except for our central staff, GN Technologies stands by our customers by providing on-site technical support throughout the duration of the commissioning and training process. Our goal is “providing service solutions one customer at a time,” and as always, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our vision is building a word class respectful brand “GN solids control “ in the drilling industry.

GN New product:

After the basic equipments order running well, GN recently design a new production  the stabilization units for further treating the drilling cuttings from the forward hand waste management system.


GN stabilization unit main components including as bellow:

1 Absorber conveyor

2 Cement Conveyor

3 Solidification Mixer

4 oil sludge waste collection hopper

5 cement storage box

6 skid, handrails, stairs

GN’s waste cuttings solidification system could be connected with the normal solids control system and drilling waste cuttings management system.

Environmentally friendly nature
Our technology eliminates the need for land disposal or incineration and meet or exceed the most stringent clean up criteria. The closed system design reduces environmental pollution

After fully mixed, the hazardous material in the waste cuttings would be closed and will not leak into the nature. The cured material could be buried directly or used for road paving.

Contact us:

Feel Free to Get In Touch with us, If you would like to receive additional information or have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us at our webside or email us

Variety of Drilling Mud System

A single of one’s function of a Drilling Mud System is generally to wall the hole using a thin, but impermeable filter cake. The size, shape, and the capability of solids to deform beneath pressure will determine the % solids that can be compressed into a offered region. Modest thin, flat particles (bentonite) are substantially far more helpful than enormous irregular shaped particles (drilled solids). The sort of solids deposited against the wellbore alterations the thickness with the filter cake required to attain a provided fluid loss.

The ratio of solids concentration inside the filter cake towards the solids from the Drilling Mud System pump significantly effects the filter cake thickness. Because the solids content material material inside the mud increases, the thickness of the filter cake increases. This really is shown inside the cake thinkness equation.

This Drilling Mud System equation shows that a reduction in solids content material will lead to a slightly larger reduce in cake thickness than a proportional reduction in fluids loss. When filter cake difficulties occur, both selections (or possibly a mixture around the two) ought to become viewed as.

The ratio of solids inside the filter cake to solids within the fulid mud be larger to produce thinner filter cakes for a given fluids loss. Also, the lowered the % solids within the Drilling Mud System pump,the fewer solids will probably be accessible to become filtered our against the well bore for a offered fluid loss. Thick, soft filter cakes cause really a number of drilling complications:

Elevated torque and drag

Stuck pipe

Formation harm

Difficulties with evaluation and cementing

Enhanced swab and surge pressures.

Gn already have sold to over 50 countries and region,refer to GN Desander Handle Unit for Oil Exploration Field

What is the drilling waste management?

In the process of oil exploration and production, well site will leave a lot of waste. The material stays in wellsite sewage pool, due to inadequate waste solids processing, meet the rainy season, a lot of rain erosion, as the sewage pool leakage, overflow, flood, etc., may produce bad effects on groundwater and surface water, and endanger the surrounding ecological environment, even may cause pollution accident. drilling waste management-5 Against these pests, how to take appropriate waste disposal technology, minimize waste drilling fluid damage to the environment, is a very important work current oil and gas companies. Although in recent years, domestic land expected increasing of governance on the waste generated during the drilling completion homework, but they still can’t handle it thoroughly, method is simple. At home and abroad of waste liquid treatment solutions have bigger difference, whether it is technical solution, there are significant difference form a complete set of equipment, environmental protection investment. drilling  waste management is  more and more importent. For a long time, most domestic oilfield drilling waste management  treatment is in after the completion of work, the waste liquid of waste storage pool solidification processing directly. Concrete method is for sewage pool waste under the action of gravity natural sedimentation clear night and sludge formation, upper row off less than a third solution, the remaining accounts for about two-thirds of the total silt, add curing agent agent curing directly. In this way because of the need to deal with waste water content is higher, the chemicals consumption is very big, cost is higher, the effect is not ideal, can not completely eliminate pollution hazard. GN drilling  waste management differs associated with dirt tank/water container, essential oil sludge tanks, Oilfield 3 athlete style Skid installed container, along with galvanized grating, secure handrail, covered along with Sea corrosion-resistant zinc wealthy epoxy layer as well as paining, 2 levels with regard to within container, 3 levels with regard to outdoors container. GN Solids manage produce dirt container for the personal liquids digesting program but additionally all of us provide dirt container along with personalized desgin. We’re expert within production solids manage program, therefore the dirt tanks style are extremely suitable with regard to dirt blood circulation program utilizing. GN  drilling  waste management  exported lots of truck installed dirt techniques as well as hydraulic jack port upward dirt techniques each year. Most of us have sequence solids manage tools obtainable such as shale shaker, dirt solution, decanter centrifuge, up and down cuttings clothes dryer and so on. Wish you may be the following client as well as  click  the  website .