The Second Oil Based Waste Cleaning Unit For COSL

As is well-know GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd  is one of leading manufactures for drilling mud  solids control & waste management equipment and shale screens. Through continuous accumulation of development of the company, GN Solids Control Co., already has a team of ecprienced development team and a number of efficient production technology. Now GN can provide all the solutions to maximize drilling efficiency depending on client request .

After one complete oil beaed waste cleaning unit shipped to COSL on May,2015, and the excellent separating performance and satisfied product quality, we got the second order from COSL on decanter centrifuge with flocculation system.


  • Solids Control System for COSL

  • Liquid Mud Plant for COSL

oil based waste cleaning unit
oil based waste cleaning unit

This unit include the equipments as the flowing:

  • GNLW363CG-VFD Decanter Centrifuge which is widely used in OBM,WBM,and SBM cuttings treatment
  • Dewatering Unit ,
  • Mud Tank Skid
  • Feeding pump and fluids transfer pump used to feed into the decanter centrifuge and the mixing tank.
  • Electrical Control System for the Oil Based Waste Cleaning Unit and  the VFD control cabinet for the decanter centrifuge.

All of these equipments about this unit can be shipped by a flat bed truck.and packaged in a 40 feet containers. It is very convenient to transportation.

Due to the excellent performance and good quality, many oilfield sevice company in the word choose GN solids Control production and technology. Do you know GN solids control ? If you want to know GN solids control company and products ,welcome to visit our factury ,GN headquarter is located close to Beijing, ablout 40km to Beijing downtown or Beijing capital International Airport ,we can pick u up there ,and arrange a hotel for you . Also if you are interested in our products pl contract us at our webside

GN Drilling Fluids Recovery System: More Oil, Less Waste

AS the top manufactuer for drilling mud solids control & waste management equipment and shale shaker screens and the first API certified solids control equipment manufactuer in china . GN Solids Control Co., can  provide a comprehensive drilling fluid solution and recovery system which consists of integrated components, training and know how to ensure your drilling rigs environmental performance is controlled at the highest level, minimizing your risk and environmental footprint.

To provide our customers with a more flexible service and quicker vessel turnaround times, we have increased our quayside storage by over 50% in recent years, and plan to continue this expansion going forward.GN solids control America LLC is the first USA based solids control company from china ,Warehouse 30,000 SF with equipment in stock for sale in Houston,TX. We keep stock of solids contro equipment & spare parts in the warehouse. We have maintenance engineer available for service and repair of the equipment. We supply and rent the solids control equipment. Our vision is build a world class respectful brand “GN Solids Control” in the drilling industy.


Oli & gas drilling solids control system

As an API & ISO certified company, GN oil gas drilling solids control system is also certified by Europe CE for exporting to developed countries.A compeletd solids control system for oli drilling rig from 250HP to 3000 HP.

HDD & cbm Drilling mud recycling system

GN HDD & CBM drilling mud recycling system is available in shid mounted, Trailer mounted, Hydraulic Jack UP for fast moving .

Bored pile & TBM drilling mud cleanling system

GN provides mud cleaing system for bord pile & TBM drilling with 500 GPM / 1000GPM /1500 GPM / 2000 GPM / 3000 GPM. For the TBM mud cleaning, GN also has the big bowl decanter cenfrigue with dewatering unit for client to get clean water.

GN Drilling Cuttings Management Systems for Russia

GN has provided so many drill cuttings management systems to the global clients. Although the low oil price, many drilling companies are keeping exploring oil and gas. There’s a trend that more and more drilling contractors are paying more attention to the drill cuttings management. Now GN Product served in over 60 countriers.


At the start of this month, GN have  finished the manufacturing of two sets drill cuttings management systems for one Russian client. These two drill cuttings management system including as bellow :
1. GN Cuttings Dryer:
GNCD930C-VFD, with the G force up to 750 at the speed of 1200RPM, the treating capacity can reach to 30~50T/Hour. Rotating speed can be adjusted easily by the VFD control panel.
2. GN Decanter Centrifuge: 
GNLW363CG-VFD is the most cost-effective centrifuge to treat OBM, WBM or SBM. The control cabinet is positive pressurized type which can be used in Zone 2.
3. Gn Middle Mud Tank
4. GN Pumps & Auxiliary Parts
All of these equipments and parts are fixed on one compact skid. The mud tank is in the middle of GN cuttings dryer and GN decanter centrifuge. It’s pretty convenient to move this drill cuttings dryer, which can be shipped by a flat bed truck. and also can packaged in a 40HQ .In order to provide excellent drill cuttings management systems, GN QC engineers have tested the two sets systems. They have arranged to feeding hydraulic water into these two whole systems to check the whole equipments, pumps and all pipes. After carefully inspection, these two systems have been packaged.

If you are interested in GN products, pl feel free to get in touch with us, If you would like to receive additional information or have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us at our webside or email us

GN Drilling Waste Management Solutions

Contamination of drilling fluids with drilled cuttings is an unavoidable consequence of successful drilling operations. If the drilling fluid does not carry cuttings and cavings to the surface, the rig either is not “making hole” or soon will be stuck in the hole it is making. GN has provided so many drill cuttings management systems to the global clients. Although the low oil price, many drilling companies are keeping exploring oil and gas. There’s a trend that more and more drilling contractors are paying more attention to the drill cuttings management. Now GN Product served in over 60 countriers.


At the start of this month, GN have  finished the manufacturing of two sets drill cuttings management systems for one Russian client.

We need develop new technologies for clients, and make our popularity on a high level in this field; we must heighten our position and set a good example in the field. A group of experienced staff are ready to serve you with enthusiasm at any moment!

Service concept:

All is for the clients and provide clients with high added value products.

Service orientation:

Regard realization of choice service promise as the destination; implement the concept of high-quality,high-taste, high-efficiency and all-around-way service in the process from the design, manufacturing,management to the sale of products.

Custom Drilling Waste Management Solutions
We are not a one size fits all solids control equipment provider. To deliver totally customized waste management solutions, our equipment is designed in a modular format enabling the implementation of unique configurations that fit a wide range of operating needs

Maximize Drilling Efficiency
Before deploying manpower and equipment, we carefully plan the drilling waste management solution according to local legislation, to maximize drilling efficiency, ensure sustainability, and meet or exceed safety and environmental standards.

Environmental Compliance
It used to be all about cost, but probably the biggest challenge facing the industry today is environmental compliance. From developing more environmentally-friendly fluids to efficient waste management, we understand how critical it is to have a minimal impact on the environments in which we work, while also providing cost-effective solutions.

Drilling Waste Management system Package For Russia Client

GNCM -40A unit is one of GN models of the drilling waste management system , it is include the cuttings dryer , decanter centrifuge , centrifuge feeding pump , mud agitator and work plat form . This is one of the popular model for drilling waste management in oil and gas industry . This design can be working in a drilling waste management working plant or work beside solids control system on drilling site depending on client request .

GNCM -40A Drilling Waste Management system
GNCM -40A Drilling Waste Management system

The work plat form is the base of a whole package to hold all equipment and attachment together for fast moving . The work plat form contains 3 main different part , the first part is a vertical cuttings dryer plat form with a high skid to sit dryer , handrail and walkway for working on top . The second part of plat form is a small holding tank to hold mud after vertical cuttings dryer with a mud agitator on top and a slurry pump for feeding decanter centrifuge . The third part is the centrifuge work plat form with a high skid to allow centrifuge discharge into a tank by weight instead of by pump .

A frame with skid to support vertical cuttings dryer , decanter centrifuge , pump and agitators to allow mud in a good procedure . There is a small holding tank between vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge for intermedia tank to hold fluids after dryer before feeding into decanter centrifuge . Other than a full set , GN Solids is able to supply separate part also , If you are interested in this system ,please  feel free to contact GN Solids office for more info .and you can also browse on our webside

Welcome to GN booth W1230 at CIPPE 2015 in shanghai

GN Solids Control Co. have get ready to attend the CIPPE 2015 Shanghai Oil Show. China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE), is a regular gathering in petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a magnificent exhibition over 100,000 sqm, CIPPE has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world. As a leading manufacturer for drilling mud solids control & waste management equipment , GN Solids Control Co. is very positive to attending this Oil  show and introducing the upgraded equipments for more efficient performance and long lasting usage to all the clients.

CIPPE 2015 Shanghai Oil Show:

What GN will show for CIPPE 2015 Shanghai?

GNCD930D Vertical dryer, the cuttings dryer is new model and 4th generation of GN vertical cuttings dryers, it has higher speed than the 3rd generation and some new improvements applied.

GNZS594HGE-LD dryer shaker, high G shaker with up to 8.0 G force and stainless steel shaker deck heat treated as a whole.

GNLW363CG high speed decanter centrifuge, 14 inch bowl diameter and up to 3900RPM high rotating speed.

Those are three core products of GN Solids Control, and they have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, including Africa, Middle East, Europe, America, South America and North America, Australia and etc.

CIPPE is one of the three largest oil shows in the world, which is held twice a year alternatively in the 2 largest and most central cities in China, Welcome to GN booth W1230 and see our equipments at the 2015 CIPPE Shanghai oil show is in Shanghai New Center Exhibition Center from Aug. 26th to Aug. 28th, 2015

Welcome to GN technologies

With many years or experience GN Technologies has become the world leader in the design of drilling mud solids control and waste management for the treatment of organic waste streams.

As the top manufactuer with a powerful technologies team in china ,GN technologies can designs all solution to meet our clients’ specific decontamination performance needs. Except for our central staff, GN Technologies stands by our customers by providing on-site technical support throughout the duration of the commissioning and training process. Our goal is “providing service solutions one customer at a time,” and as always, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our vision is building a word class respectful brand “GN solids control “ in the drilling industry.

GN New product:

After the basic equipments order running well, GN recently design a new production  the stabilization units for further treating the drilling cuttings from the forward hand waste management system.


GN stabilization unit main components including as bellow:

1 Absorber conveyor

2 Cement Conveyor

3 Solidification Mixer

4 oil sludge waste collection hopper

5 cement storage box

6 skid, handrails, stairs

GN’s waste cuttings solidification system could be connected with the normal solids control system and drilling waste cuttings management system.

Environmentally friendly nature
Our technology eliminates the need for land disposal or incineration and meet or exceed the most stringent clean up criteria. The closed system design reduces environmental pollution

After fully mixed, the hazardous material in the waste cuttings would be closed and will not leak into the nature. The cured material could be buried directly or used for road paving.

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