GN mud cleaning horizontal centrifuge occupy Africa Market

GN Solids Control is leading brand, leading manufacturer for mud cleaning horizontal centrifuge. We produce over 250sets centrifuge per year to meet the requirements from overseas market & domestic market. GN Solids Control centrifuge normally used for mud cleaning as horizontal installation centrifuge, the centrifuge separate and clean the mud by high G force produced with high speed bowl. The higher speed, the bigger G force; the bigger bowl diameter, the bigger G force. GN can produce big bowl big volume, high speed decanter centrifuge to meet the requirement mainly from oil drilling, HDD drilling, CBM drilling, diamond drilling, waste management, etc.

decanter centrifuge 3

GN Solids Control has different type horizontal decanter centrifuges for options, from big size to smaller size, fit for different area application.

1) GNLW223 baby centrifuge is professional for diamond drilling waste water treatment, small volume but higher speed to separate more fine solids and get clean water.

2) GNLW363 high speed variable speed centrifuge is mainly used for solids control / waste management. The solids control is used for barite recovery / mud weight cutting. The waste management is used for remove the fine solids and recycle the drilling fluids for reuse. We have international high standard centrifuge and economic standard centrifuge for options, different price, different production material, different working performance.

3) GNLW453 and GNLW553 big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge for oil drilling fast drilling application. The big bowl centrifuge can also be used for TBM, and other construction project for big capacity mud treatment.

4) GNLW452C centrifuge is GN Middle speed centrifuge, which is mainly used for barite recovery in oil drilling project, or in HDD project to remove the solids particles around 10micrions. Most of HDD drilling mud system  will not equip decanter centrifuge because of the high price. But for some projects with higher requirement, decanter centrifuge is also necessary.

Pls contact us if you are in need of some horizontal decanter centrifuges. Thanks for reading.