Configuration of Full Solids Control Stages 750HP Computer Mud System

1 . This particular system includes all some stages solids control devices, shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge product.
2 . 2 Units Shale shaker used as the rough solids separation equipment possitioned on first mud tank. This sort shale shaker is set with 3 panels screen and the mud feeding outlet on buffer box ended up being pre-opened as per client’s web site condition for easy interconnection. The mud tank beneath the shale shaker was developed as inclined tank underside for easy tank clean-up.
3. Both the de-sander along with de-silter unit are equipped with below drying shaker. Comparing using the cyclone unit without dry skin shaker, this type mud cleaner unit could greatly reduce the losing of drilling fluids and make the actual discharged solids much dryer. In the meanwhile, the beneath shaker are 2-panel screen model GNZS752. This shaker model is much cost effective when compared with 3-panel screen shaker, nonetheless the performance is also adequate.
4. This 750HP computer mud cleaning system was pre-loaded with GN economic configuration 20 inch decanter centrifuge having RPM1800. This centrifuge system is fed by a submersible slurry pump, and mainly utilized for drilling fluids barite recovery.
5. Total several units 40 feet mud tank involved in this 750HP mud system. All the solids control equipment was attached to the mud tank incompactly to give more space for user or installation of the mud agitator.

6. This mud system was equipped with a completely independent skid type jet mud mixer for mud mixing.

Besides 750HP rig mud system, GN is also in a position to provide drilling mud system intended for rig of 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 1000HP, 1500HP and 2000HP. Below, many of us shared several other projects in GN’s oil rig mud system.

GN 1000hp Device Solids Control System Looking forward to Delivery to COSL

GN ZJ30 Drilling Mud Recycling System with regard to RG Petroleum Deliver for you to Customer in Oman

ZJ50 Rig Mud Cleaning System for CNPC LiaoHe Oilfield

GN Exports More Shakers to Oversea Market

GN Solids Control is China arch aggregation to accomplish the debris controls accessories and conduct decay administration equipment. Shale shaker as the aboriginal appearance break accessories at mud cleaning system, comedy an important role in the system. Our aggregation founded 7 years afore and we alpha the shale shaker architecture and assembly from then.  Until now, GN shale shaker accept been exported to over 60 countries and areas for oil conduct application.

For now, GN Debris Control accept altered blazon shale shakers for option,  2 console shaker, 3 console shaker and 4 console shakers. The applicant can accept the able archetypal to fit their different project

2 console shaker GNZS752E is mostly acclimated in non oil conduct industry. Best of applicant buy the mini shaker for design conduct or decay baptize treatment.

3 console shaker is mostly acclimated in HDD drilling, decay baptize conduct and Workover rig mud charwoman system. Some applicant additionally use the 3 console shaker for oil conduct project.


4 console shaker is best accepted in oil conduct project. The shaker with best accouter can accept bigger alleviative performance, mostly acclimated in 500gpm mud system, 1000gpm drilling mud sytem, 1500gpm mud system.

GN 4 console shaker is backup for Swaco Mongoose shaker. We accept aforementioned blazon shaker awning which is backup for Swaco Mongoose blended actual shaker screens. Cheaper amount carbon animate anatomy actual awning is additionally available.f

GN 4 console shaker can additionally be acclimated for conduct decay management, baptize based mud conduct cuttings dehydration process. We alarm the shaker Aerial G dehydration shaker or Aerial G dryer in conduct decay management. After advised by GN solids control aerial G dehydration shaker, the OOC can be bargain to about 10%, and the admired Baptize based mud can be calm for reclaim and the dry cuttings can be buries for abiding stock.

For oil based mud cuttings treatment, we acclaim Vertical cuttings dryer for bigger performance, the OOC can be bargain to beneath 5%. OBM cuttings are added chancy to ambiance and charge to be taken affliction of added carefully.

GN 500GPM will be Working Successfully in Midsection East

GN Solids Control manufactures various mud techniques which can be used in different worksites, such as oil and gas, HDD, CBM or Bored Pill Drilling etc . One sets involving compact GN 500 GPM mud system is just done the assembling and screening in Middle East within the worksite.
This 500 GPM mud system is used regarding water well drilling intended for water injection. GN technical engineers discussed all the details with this buyer, and provided one custom-made mud system that can be worn out a trailer. GN Solids Control manufactures mud techniques including 250 GPM, 600 GPM and 1000 GPM, drilling waste management equipment . Standard mud systems might be provided in a short time, while many personalized mud systems are all presented based on customer’s special requires.

GN 500GPM water properly mud mixing system is like the following main equipments:
– GN Shale Shaker
Several panels shaker is used since the first phase separation. Shaker screens are also manufactured by GN Solids Control. With the opening up of GN Solids Control, GN will provide more shaker screens to global buyers.
2 . GN Mud Cleaner
GN mud cleaner is often a compact equipment with desander cyclones and desilter cyclones mounted on the top of a shaker. This is also a 2 period separation: desander separate solids larger than 50 microns even though desilter separate solids bigger than 25 microns. All the hydro cyclones are made of polyurethane which can be pretty wear resistance and is used for a long time.
3. GN Centrifugal Pump
There are three sets centrifugal pumps placed on the mud tank. two sets are used to feeding typically the desander cyclones and desilter cyclones separately. And the 3rd shear pump os used to pump the chemicals when matched together with the mixing hopper.
4. GN Mud Tank
GN mud tank is designed and produced to fit in the standard marijuana for the sake of convenient shipping. Each of the ladders, guile rails in addition to lights are also equipped so as to have a safe working environment and operating conveniently.