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Decanter Centrifuge use in oil drilling

GN Solids Control Decanter centrifuge use in solid separation for drilling fluid after desilter, which done by the 4 inch hydrocyclone  The drilling mud at this stage may contain solids between 2 to 5 micron and in some case, it contain the barite, the reusable additive.  Decanter centrifuge ‘s purpose is separate this fine solids and recover the barite to achieve purification of drilling mud so it can be sent it back to rig and use it for drilling many times over.


The basic concept of decanter centrifuge is use G-force rotate the bowl “spinning” to create the weight difference so the solids is separate from the mud.  During the high speed spinning in G-force, the solids move in one direction while the mud moves to opposite direction to achieve the separation and two exits below the decanter centrifuge will be one for exit of solid while the other one is for the mud that is done separation. The centrifuge generate centrifugal force amount to 400g~3000g acceleration, only need a short time accomplish the separation process


Such process is accomplish by feeding the drilling mud after the separation of desilter and feed the mud into the decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge mainly use for recovering the barite and get rid of small solids in the mud for reduce the solids in the drilling mud.  This step to make sure the function of drilling mud back to near as new as possible, which the drilling rig bit need for continues drilling.


Drilling rig need this cleaning step is purposely maintains the cost of the drilling. The maintains of drilling cost is by product.  The main reason is if solids separation is not done properly, the density of small solids will raise and that will seriously affect the drilling bit which will cost raise temperature in the mud and cost damage of the drilling bit and many other types of machinery to over worked and lead to structure damage of the drill rig.

Except for decanter centrifuge ,GN also can provide other solids control equipment such as shear pump, shale shaker , Mud Gas Separator, mud agitator, mud mixing system and drilling waste management equipment,etc ,welcome to contract us to know about our products.

GN 5TH generation vertical cuttings dryer for waste management

GN Solids Control as China leading manufacturer for solids control equipment, always walks ahead of all solids control companies in China. We just release the 5th Generation vertical cuttings dryer to optimize the user experience and less maintenance.

GN vertical cuttings dryer

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge have upgraded from 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation to 4th generation now. In the past several years, GN Solids Control continuously perfects the unsatisfying points and until 3rd generation, GN vertical cuttings dryer is working much fine for drilling waste management. Even heavy mud with lots of sands/ solids, GN vertical cuttings dryer can also work well to satisfy our clients.


The 5th vertical cuttings dryer with fewer footprints can work even in very compact environment. This vertical cuttings dryer is much international in outlooks, similar to Swaco vertical dryers, or CSI VERTICAL dryers.


GN vertical cuttings dryer can be used for oil and gas drilling, HDD drilling, diamond drilling, core well drilling, etc. The vertical cuttings dryer is to remove the big solids above 500microns and reduce the solids content in the waste liquid. In this way, the vertical cuttings dryer can also work for environmental protection industry or farming. The vertical cuttings dryer can treat the night soils from raise pig / raise chickens


Except for vertical cuttings dryer, GN decanter centrifuge is also very high quality and good price equipment. We have project experience to offer over 40 sets centrifuge to one big giant in oil service field. The client offer service for ADCO in Middle East. Except for centrifuges, the oil service giant also bought lots of pumps, grease, and other packages from us. We are base for them in China, and they want GN to be there buyer for smaller item and package for them.


GN Solids Control equipment including mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator, Vacuum Degasser, Mud cleaner, shale shaker is working well for many drilling companies, national oil service companies, national mud engineering companies etc. Pls contact us freely if you need some support.


GN Solids Control Mess pump for offshore drilling platform

Screw pump, is mainly used for feeding decanter centrifuge. We match Netzsch brand name screw pump for GN centrifuges, and export more than 250sets screw pump every year. Recently, we have one customer from Middle East who require two sets screw pump for feeding the centrifuge and will use them at overseas drilling platform. After we offer the quotation with specialized specifications and commercial cost, the client is very happy as well as issue Purchase ORDER TO all of us within one week. The transaction came last week, and we will work the screw pump within next two weeks very soon.
Aside from screw pump, GN Solids Control also export great quantity of centrifugal pumps, shear pumps, submersible slurry penis pumps, and pump electrical control panels to overseas as well as domestic clients. GN Solids Control can manufacturer the actual pumps and lower down manufacturing cost and offer best cost and high quality to the customers.
In year of 2015, we export 30 models centrifugal pump with electric control starter to The african continent market. The client is very pleased with the working performance and symptoms the long term supply and buyer contract with GN Solids Control. Except for the various penis pumps, GN Solids Control primary target is on the purchase amount on decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, as well as mud mixing systems .
Decanter centrifuge possess a good market in the past 5 years. Many drilling organization, mud service company, oil Service provider become to accept and attempt China brand centrifuges. Once they try GN centrifuge in jobsite, they love the centrifuge and buy more. GN centrifuge can work similar as ALL OF US brand centrifuges, but the price are almost half of US brand name centrifuge, or even less. This provides the main reason we can get more centrifuge orders from big customers.
Centrifuge Feeding Pumps
Vertical cuttings dryer isn’t that popular as centrifuge, because may necessary or may not essential for various countries. Some nations have strict environmental safety laws for oil business and the drilling contractor may require vertical cuttings dryer to deal with the drilling waste management . A few countries may not.
If you need a few solids control equipment this kind of shale shakers mud agitator, shear pump, decanter centrifuge, Mud Fuel Separator Vacuum Degasser, pls call us freely.

Cleaning cycle of drilling fluid

Concept: The drilling fluid cleaning cycle is to remove the harmful solid debris, reserve the clean drilling fluid to meet the demand of drilling fluid spec under the drilling process. Drilling fluid cleaning system is the term of all drilling fluid solids control equipments used in the oil drilling.

Function: To prevent the oil well from clogging, breaking, and decrease the drilling torque and friction resistance, reduce the pressure fluctuations of the hollow suction, increase the drilling speed, extend the drilling bit life, and reduce wear and tear of the equipments. Methods: The common methods are mixture-thin methods, swap methods, machine methods and additive-chemical methods. Use different separation function machinery is  machine method is by using screening, centrifugal separation and gravity separation to separate the solid phase according to the different size and density, therefore, to control the solid phase in the drilling fluid.

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1 The technical process of the mud  cleaning system and the combination of the fluid cleaning equipment.

The technical process of complete group of drilling fluid cleaning system should meet the specification of five level solid phase control (screening, degassing, desanding, desilting, centrifuge) and the provoke the drilling fluid. The merger of each solids control equipment is very important, the through out of one to five level of mud cleaning equipment should each corresponding, and the spacing of the proper distance were is appropriate.  To have certain overlap during the cleaning process, make the smaller particles of the processing incomplete in the up one had been disposed in the next solids control equipment.

2 Drilling fluid cleaning cycles

The mud back from the opening of well through the pipeline and conveyed the drilling fluid to the shale shaker. The first phase of cleaning completed by shale shaker, then entered the mud tank, the drilling fluid flowed from the mud tank through the tank slot into the desander and desilter (if detect the exits of gas, vacuum degasser will process to remove the gas) the fluid after processing of the centrifugal steps and through the tank slot enters the inhalation cabin.  The cleaned fluid then will reuse for lubricate and cooling the drill bit.

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Application of Drilling Fluids GN Vacuum Degasser

It is  requisite to install a drilling mud vacuum degasser for their removal from the drilling mud since the invading gases may impact mud properties,  Entrained gas can reduce the hydrostatic head of the mud column and can give rise to catastrophic well control issues.,besides give rise to safety risks and affect the lifespan of some equipment. GN Solids Control manufactures both mud/gas separators and degassers.

Vacuum Degasser 2

Equipment use

The degasser and associated components are designed exclusively for releasing gases from slurries.GNZCQ series vacuum degasser is an new equipment used for processing gas cut dilling fuild developed by our compay which we made reference to various domestic and foreign vacuum degasser .suitable for supporting various types of mud, stabilizing slurry viscosity performance and reducing drilling costs.

product features

Vacuum degasser. Mainly to solve the existing drilling fluid injection device can not be separated in the gas drilling issue. The vacuum degasser can effectively separate the gas drilling, but also to use as a stirrer, a simple structure, in addition to air good effect. Vacuum degassing device using vacuum degassing principle, set filtration, extraction, degassing function as one. Easy operation, high efficiency air filters in addition, is the best means of supporting drug dissolution instrument.


GN degasser can act as a big agiator for the drilling mud, which helps the treatment for desander and desilter.

If you interested in GNZCQ vacuum degasser or other equipments pls contact us at our website

GN made Vacuum Degasser

Hebei GN Solids Control co, ltd is a China API & ISO certified manufacturer specializing in a complete line for varieties of drilling engineering.

Vacuum degasser is one of the important aspects in solids control system. It has effects on stabilizing drilling fluid viscosity and fluid density. Similarly, vacuum degasser belongs to mud purification system. It mainly helps separating gas from liquid. vacuum pump is a part of vacuum degasser, in the suction of vacuum pump function, the harmful gas from the fluid will release into relatively safety zone by the collision of the hollow shaft windows, and then, the filtered fluid will flow into the mud tanks.

The feature of vacuum degasser

1 uses negative pressure degasser, reasonable design structure of science, to achieve effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities, ensure the exhaust pipe is always smooth;

2 using a belt drive, avoiding the complicated gear mechanism to ensure long working hours;

3 water ring vacuum pump in the work process, always in isothermal state for flammable gas pumping, safe and reliable performance;

4 degassing efficiency is over 95% and maximum kick out the dangerous gas.

Vacuum Degasser 2