Waste Management System to clean Drilling Cuttings

Drilling cuttings really are a potential hazard towards the sensitive atmosphere like a contaminated particle. The drilling field contractor need correctly process drilling cutting and subsequently released towards the atmosphere. We’ll introduce what drilling cutting is and GN system for drilling cuttings recovery.

Drilling Cutting

Drilling cuttings typically are created as solids are damaged through the drilling bit evolving with the soil or rock: Drilling cuttings are usually shipped towards the surface by drilling fluid. Drill clippings first of all could be separated from drilling fluid by shale shakers. After shale shaker process, the clippings continue to be contaminated, wet and unable to be released towards the atmosphere directly. Therefore, filed contractor need GN drilling cutting management system to create a further process.

GN Cutting Recycle System

GN Cutting recycle system combines the vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge.

GN vertical cutting dryer is capable of doing separating oil based mud and water mud. Cutting dryer can also be known as vertical centrifuge and utilized the centrifugal pressure to dry the drilling cuttings. We’ll briefly introduce GN vertical cutting dryer.

GN cutting dryer offers a number of screen opening size from0 .25mm to0 .5mm to match for various project.


  1. GN cutting dryer installs the environment cleaning system that effectively eliminates solids clogged around the screens and make sure the cutting dryer very long time service.


  1. Proper rotating speed and also the robust material of plane tickets also ensure the cutting dryer to quality.


GNLW363 decanter centrifuge also plays a huge role within the recycle system.


After GN vertical cutting dryer process, GN decanter centrifuge still treat the drilling fluid which outside of drilling cuttings. GN Ruggedly built and different design centrifuge can offer solids and liquid separation for that liquids application. GN decanter centrifuge works well for getting rid of the fine solids within the whole waste management system. There’s without doubt that GN centrifuge considerably lessen the area mud cost and reduce waste disposal volumes.


For the drilling waste management system, you can depend on the GN mud system.

800gpm mud recycling system

Solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rig

GN Solids Control, as China top solids control manufacturer, released 4 complete sets solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rigs for one of The United States drilling company. The drilling company includes some alternative equipment for the previous land rig mud systems.

An order includes below solids control equipment:

1) Linear motion shale shaker model GNZS594E-HB, quantity 10 each

2) Vacuum degasser GNZCQ270A, Quantity 4 ea

3) Desander mud cleaner, quantity 5 ea

4) Desilter mud cleaner: quantity 7 ea

5) Different types centrifugal pumps, quantity 25 ea

6) Mud agitator, quantity over 40 ea

7) Other alternative spares.

You will find a lot of companies in China and from China, why the client finally choose GN after comparison?

1) GN Solids Control is the 1rst solids control company in China that has API licensed. Now GN have CE certificate approved by DNV for European market.

2) GN Solids Control is the first China solids control manufacturer who registered in Houston America and also have a separate brand GN Solids America. All GN equipment made per worldwide high standard.

3) GN company mission: Top logo and reasonable cost. No lower, no greater.

4) Because the fast developing company, GN think highly of customer’s feedback and enhancing design and quality.

5) GN centrifugal pump interchangeable with November mission pump. It can make clients simple for alternative as well as for stock spares.

6) GN have shaker model interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose and Derrick.

Besides mud solids control equipment, GN also make drilling cuttings treatment equipment. GN offer one-stop solution for drilling rigs.

Here is the primary drilling waste management equipment GN makes:

1) Drilling cuttings screw conveyer

2) Vertical cuttings dryer for oil base mud and water base mud. The performance approved by jobsite test. While other brand, they are able to simply be employed for oil base mud.

3) High G shaker for water base mud

4) Dewatering unit for waste water treatment or water base mud treatment.

1000 gpm mud recycling system