Drilling mud system works of GN company

Drilling mud system is importent  for drillings  mud  system. Next we introduce GN drilling mud system system works visit  here .By pre-sieve players screening Hou distribution to of slurry through  directly entered mud purification device of storage pulp slot c, by mud purification device of slag pulp pump d from slot within pumping suck mud, in pump of mouth has must storage can of mud along lost pulp hose from hydraulic cyclone v into pulp mouth cut to launched into, through hydraulic cyclone points selected, grain trail micro of mud sand by Cyclone bottom of sank sand mouth discharge while fall into the upper and lower layer sieve, upper sieve ⑵ and the lower sieve services are installed fine sieve Board. Through fine sieves dehydrating filter, drier and fine ballast material separating the mud through fine sieve filter returned to storage in a slurry tank. After treatment of clean mud from the cyclone overflow pipe into tank ⑺, then the total pipe transportation back to the hole. shiyoutianranqikugong Export of mud purification plant, slurry pump install a recoil slip and pulp storage tank connected and the  difference  is  in function. Export of mud purification plant, slurry pump install a recoil slip and pulp storage tank connected. By recoil slip, disturbance sedimentation in a pulp storage tank trouble, the pulp storage tank is not silting caused by the long-term use of diffuse pulp. Branch-wear to reduce recoil, opened after a slurry pump and before you close the slurry pump recoil slip open ball valve, let it work for 10 minutes and then close the ball valve. Slurry loop process, between tank and pulp storage tank for a liquid level h the buoys to keep the mud purification plant, pulp storage tanks for liquid height constant. Once storage pulp slot within output of pulp volume is greater than supply of, so liquid bit buoy will with liquid surface of declined and falling, at this time in the storage box of mud on through opened of fill pulp tube transferred to storage pulp slot within, liquid surface so rose and recovery undisturbed, liquid bit buoy also with of rose and seal live in the storage box fill pulp tube; if supply pulp volume is greater than output of, storage pulp slot of spill stream tube will will spill stream to prevent storage pulp slot diffuse pulp. When higher-quality slurries are required, by reducing the total amount of pulp and mud separation process in hydrocyclones repeatedly to achieve the goal

What is the drilling waste management?

In the process of oil exploration and production, well site will leave a lot of waste. The material stays in wellsite sewage pool, due to inadequate waste solids processing, meet the rainy season, a lot of rain erosion, as the sewage pool leakage, overflow, flood, etc., may produce bad effects on groundwater and surface water, and endanger the surrounding ecological environment, even may cause pollution accident. drilling waste management-5 Against these pests, how to take appropriate waste disposal technology, minimize waste drilling fluid damage to the environment, is a very important work current oil and gas companies. Although in recent years, domestic land expected increasing of governance on the waste generated during the drilling completion homework, but they still can’t handle it thoroughly, method is simple. At home and abroad of waste liquid treatment solutions have bigger difference, whether it is technical solution, there are significant difference form a complete set of equipment, environmental protection investment. drilling  waste management is  more and more importent. For a long time, most domestic oilfield drilling waste management  treatment is in after the completion of work, the waste liquid of waste storage pool solidification processing directly. Concrete method is for sewage pool waste under the action of gravity natural sedimentation clear night and sludge formation, upper row off less than a third solution, the remaining accounts for about two-thirds of the total silt, add curing agent agent curing directly. In this way because of the need to deal with waste water content is higher, the chemicals consumption is very big, cost is higher, the effect is not ideal, can not completely eliminate pollution hazard. GN drilling  waste management differs associated with dirt tank/water container, essential oil sludge tanks, Oilfield 3 athlete style Skid installed container, along with galvanized grating, secure handrail, covered along with Sea corrosion-resistant zinc wealthy epoxy layer as well as paining, 2 levels with regard to within container, 3 levels with regard to outdoors container. GN Solids manage produce dirt container for the personal liquids digesting program but additionally all of us provide dirt container along with personalized desgin. We’re expert within production solids manage program, therefore the dirt tanks style are extremely suitable with regard to dirt blood circulation program utilizing. GN  drilling  waste management  exported lots of truck installed dirt techniques as well as hydraulic jack port upward dirt techniques each year. Most of us have sequence solids manage tools obtainable such as shale shaker, dirt solution, decanter centrifuge, up and down cuttings clothes dryer and so on. Wish you may be the following client as well as  click  the  website .

all of kind of shale shaker vender

Brandt Full Cobra as well as Swaco Mongoose Shale Shaker tend to be well known because best solids manage tools. Swaco as well as Brandt tend to be each popular worldwide. They’re professional upon solids manage in several business for example gas and oil nicely drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE, municipal business, exploration business, and so on. Swaco Mongoose as well as Brandt Cobra Shale Shakers possess a lot distinction specs, for example shaker display, sizing, dealing with capability. As well as these types of functions outcomes their own various power upon numerous element.

Gnsolidsamerica.com Shale Shaker could be stated the perfect solids manage which needed exactly what as soon as appeared not possible, Mongoose shaker may adjust because solids features alter. The actual ground-breaking style from the Mongoose shaker enables providers to make use of linear movement whilst drilling top-hole areas exactly where large, high-volume solids for example gumbo are often experienced.

GN shale shaker was created which because problems alter, the actual MONGOOSE shaker could be modified using the switch of the turn on the actual manage cupboard, shale shaker is going to be run through linear movement in order to well balanced elliptical shale shaker without having switching from the shaker. Procedure within the milder well balanced elliptical movement, solids experience decreased G-forces as well as lengthier display home period. This particular leads to more dry solids, enhanced drilling liquids recuperating, improve display make use of existence additionally decrease procedure price. Dear customer, if you want to buy GN’s shaker, please contact us immediately, we will solve your troubles encountered.


Shale Shaker Price

Shale Shaker displays functional existence changes based on numerous nicely drilling level. What’s precisely shaker display existence as well as drilling level? The actual essential oil nicely drilling is actually through 2000m in order to 7000m right now. All of us consider 4000m nicely drilling level because test to describe a few info.

Generally exercise the 15, 000 ft  essential oil nicely will require regarding eighty times or even a few months. The actual solids manage dealing with capability will need the GNZS83-3 Shale shaker, that retains 3 sections display on a single shaker. The entire nicely drilling procedure will definitely cost regarding as much as three hundred displays.

The actual worldwide well-known display typical price of the shale shaker display, such as delivery is actually around $300-400. We are able to observe how substantial price the actual display is actually.

In addition, that’s typical 4500m level nicely drilling retains regular drilling dirt as well as typical drilling situation, when the situation is actually much more even worse or even additional scenario isn’t great because this particular, you will be charged much more shaker displays certainly,more information pls visit gnsolidsamerica.com. If you are interested in our shaker, please click here to enter immediately.


GN Desilter procedure method

The actual Desilter as well as fluid splitting up technologies is really a unique business to manage the actual suspending contaminants within Desilter. Following isolating dangerous solids away as well as maintain helpful strong, the actual drilling liquid may maintain able home with regard to nicely drilling.


The actual strong as well as fluid splitting up indicates the actual drilling liquid such as fluid as well as strong. Individual strong from drilling liquid possess subsequent perform:

1. Recycling where possible costly as well as helpful strong. For example recycling where possible barite however discussing liquid

2. Recycling where possible liquid. For example recycling where possible drilling dirt however discussing exercise reducing

3. Recycling where possible fluid as well as strong however discussing incomplete strong as well as fluid simultaneously

Based on the majority of Gnsolidsamerica desilter drilling equipment, all of us primarily do that splitting up because recycling where possible just a little a part of solids however most of liquid. Regardless of all of us select that Desilter procedure method, all of us can  t individual strong from the Desilter completely as well as help to make the actual drilling liquid because real fluid. Actually we should maintain a few strong within Desilter, for example bentonite, weighting materials, lubrication materials, prevent materials, ETC. If you would like more information about the GN company, please visit our web service platform: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-and-Maintain-a-Desander

Gnsolidsamerica Desilter Container Capability

GN Desilter container can be used in order to shop, configure, reuse as well as procedure the actual drilling liquid. It’s capability ought to focus on the biggest blood circulation capability throughout the weell drilling along with the adequate storage space capability.

Generally talking, in the event that all of us exercise the nicely heavy 3200m, the actual recycling where possible tanks capability ought to be no less than 165CBM, and also the storage container ought to be no less than 80CBM, each and every recycling where possible container ought to be 72. 5x2m=35CBM.

In the event that exercise the nicely heavy 4500m, then your recycling where possible container ought to be no less than 200CBM, and also the storage tanks ought to be no less than 120CBM, as well as each and every recycling where possible container ought to be 2. 1m=45CBM.

With regard to 6000m~8000m nicely we want desilter drilling equipment end up being no less than 270CBM, as well as storage space container ought to be no less than 160CBM. 1 stage, the actual Desilter container ought to be not really as well brief, a minimum of supply adequate room with regard to repairing 3 shale shakers.

Simply because Desilter container capability is actually larger than drilling liquids circulation in order to rig, the actual deciding container degree may reduce, lastly the environment goes in order to pump motor suction and can guide hydrocyclone possess poor overall performance. Our network service platform providing the highest quality consulting services and the most authoritative data, look forward to your visit: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-and-Maintain-a-Desander