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Mud recycling system for Crossing engineering project

GN solids control equipments and systems are mainly used for 3 applications, including: oil & gas drilling solids control & drilling cuttings waste management, HDD & CBM mud recycling & others sludge separation. Crossing engineering/ civil engineering is one of the major projects for our mud cleaning system applications. We have sold over 50 units of mud recycling system to CPP (China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau) with different treating capacity and configurations for crossing engineering works.

800gpm mud recycling system
The crossing project is not limited to civil engineering crossing, but also includes petroleum pipelines crossing. Recently GN solids control mud recycling system just utilized for oil pipelines transform project in Jinxi, Liaoning province.
According to the Petroleum Pipeline Bureau News center: Langfang company finished the pullback in Jinxi Petrochemical project successfully on Oct.7th , which is the company’s first project through the construction of Jinxi Petrochemical BU project Daqing oil pipeline river crossing project. The project is the construction of hidden trouble reform project by Jinxi Petrochemical Company, starting in the blue sea company and end of Jinxi Petrochemical Company plant, totally need to complete four pipelines in parallel. This River Crossing Project is an important project for the pipeline, they need to implement four pipelines crossing. The project is located at the junction of Jinzhou Economic Development Zone and Lianshan district,The pipeline diameter is 406.4 mm with length of 1098 meters, the design pressure of 6.3 MPa.
The configuration of the mud recycling system as below:
1 double deck shale shaker with 10 inch desander cones GNZJ705-2S
2 double deck shale shaker with 4 inch desilter cones GNZJ705-12N
3 Variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge GNLW452-VFD
4 2 mud tanks with 2 sets of 20ft container sized frame for convenient transportation
GN solids control not only produce, but also designed customized mud recycling system, we are looking forward to discuss with your technical team and provide the best solution for your crossing mud recycling.

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Drilling cuttings solidification unit intended for waste management

GN Solids Control is Tiongkok leading manufacturer on mud solids control and drilling waste management field. Because the 1rst API certified solids control company in The far east, and the first China solids control manufacturer who has storage facility and branch company throughout Houston, USA, GN may offer you professional solutions in mud treatment for oil and coal drilling.
IN year 2015, GN Solids Control marketed its advance drilling waste management equipment: drilling cuttings solidification unit.
GNGH-15 drill down cuttings solidifications unit can certainly dry 15 m3 (max. ) cuttings per hour. Typically the oil field drill cuttings solidifications unit is mainly blended of mud mixing tank, cement storage tank, emplear storage tank, the conveyer systems, and electrical control system for the whole system. All of items mounted on the tank skid for easy mobility. GN offers turnkey remedy for customers.

drilling cuttings solidsfication unit
Applications of the going cuttings solidifications unit:
1) It can be used to dry the actual drilling cuttings from solids control system, like via shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge
2) More widely, it is utilized to dry the drilling cuttings from drilling waste management system. The cuttings through solids control system, following further treated by large G drying shaker, up and down cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, it is more suitable intended for drill cuttings solidification device to treat.
Other Solids Control equipment offered by GN:
1) Shale shaker: linear action, it is the first step solids control equipment in drilling computer. Nearly all rigs equipped with shale shaker.
2) Desander, it does not take second step solids control equipment
3) Desilter, is it doesn’t third step solids control equipment.
4) Mud cleaner: it is the combination of shale shaker, desander and desilter
5) Middle speed and broadband Decanter centrifuge
6) Different solids control equipment: centrifugal pump, centrifuge feed pump, mud agitator, mud gun, poor boy degasser, cleaner degasser,
Other Drilling squander management equipment
1) High-speed VFD decanter centrifuge and large bowl centrifuge
2) Substantial G force 4-panel blow drying shaker
3) Vertical cuttings dryer
4) Screw conveyer
5) Drill cuttings renforcement unit
6) Thermal Desorption unit

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GNZJ series mud cleaner by GN Solids America LLC

GNZJ594E-2S12N Mud Cleaner  is the 4 panels screen installed, low buffer box in placed and pair with two Martins 2.5 HP motor.  The control box is met IEC EX, ATEX AND UL explosion proof and certified.  GNZJ594E-2S12N mud cleaner is combination of desander, desilter and shale shaker in one.  The design contains two 10 inches hydrocyclones for desander and twelve 4 inches hydrocyclones for desilter.  It combine 4 panels shale shaker to become mud cleaner has 240 m3/h treating capacity.  The use of the hydrocyclone for the weighted mud is prohibitively expensive (due to loss of barite) and since ultra-fine screens are incapable of handling the entire mud stream, the other kind  of solids removal device is necessary. A unit consisting of both of these devices covers their individual limitations. It is the drilling mud cleaner.  The main function of drilling mud cleaner is eliminate the solid particles whose particle sizes are larger than the barite, and collect the barite in drilling fluid. When the weighted drilling fluid pass the hydrocyclone, a large number of barites in underflow pass the screen, the barites will be returned to cycle tank

“GN Mud Cleaner”的图片搜索结果

1 The main structure of mud cleaner can be divided into two parts, the desander hydrocyclones  and desilter hydrocyclones  are installed on the upside. The base of the cone is equipped with the chute, and a shale shaker is installed. The structure is compact, and occupies small space.

2 Between the main inlet pipe and outlet pipe is equipped with butterfly valves, can adjust the numbers of desander and desilter function at any time, easy to operate and maintain.

3 The feed port adopts tangent feed, smooth transport, for improving separation efficiency. The inner surface of mud cleaner is smooth, and the flow channel is rational.

4 Different numbers of hydrocyclones of desander and desilter can be matched according to the requirement of other solids control machinery that are in use.

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Polymer mixing unit with decanter centrifuge in Houston

GN designed polymer mixing unit not only widely used for oil drilling industry, but also popular for no-dig drilling, pilings, Tunneling to re-use the water, tailings treatment, also waste oil water separation, dredging slurry separation to get clear water. The basic function is for the preparation of both flocculant mixing& coagulant mixing for continuous work without stop.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

The basic configuration of GN polymer mixing unit is as below:

  • Three Tank Automatic Powder Polymer Mud Mixing System
  • Coagulant Mixing Tank
  • Polymer and Coagulant Feeding System
  • Liquid level meter
  • Sometimes there is only dissolving tank with mud agitator, sometimes there is extra storage tank with a transfer pump to transfer the prepared fluids to the storage tank, so the system can work continuously.
  • America decanter centrifuge

The tank material could be customized.

  • The powder silo/ tank could be a small one like our standard design, just the worker need to watch it all the time, once it is almost finished, they need to put new ones here; also it could be a bigger tank, so the operator can just look around when it is necessary.
  • Other components for option. E.g. If you need to install them inside the container, we will install lights, windows, door, air conditioner, etc. If you install it on the ground skid, we will suggest sun proof cover.

To design the customized dewatering unit for you, we will ask some questions to confirm your requirement:

  • Required preparation capacity with what powder feeding rate or with what kind of concerntration
  • How many kinds of chemical materials need to be prepared?
  • Requirement of continuous working or not?
  • Require decanter centrifuge or not? What is your required treating capacity for the centrifuge?
  • Laboratory test report if applicable.

If you are in need of such polymer mixing unit, pls contact with GN solids America in Houston.


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GN Drill Cuttings Solidification Equipment


GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has been upgrading solids control and drilling waste management systems since the establishment. Many types of cutting-edge equipment to treat drilling cuttings are provided to drill company in over 60 countries.

GN Solidification or GN Stabilization equipments are mainly used to treat drill cuttings or drill waste that discharged from GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Decanter Centrifuge or GN Hi-G Shaker.

drilling cuttings solidsfication unit

GN Solidification Unit:

  1. The cost of treating OBM or WBM is relatively low. No further chemical waste generated in the solidification process.
  2. GN Solidification Unit is pretty convenient to operate and maintenance. Treating capacity can be adjusted easily by using variable speed screw conveyor.
  3. After solidified the OBM or WBM is changed into solid, which can be reused for approved farming.
  4. These solidified waste can be transported conveniently without any spill or leak.

The main component of GN Solidification Unit:

  1. Drill Cuttings Collection Hopper

Drill cuttings are sent to the collection hopper by a screw conveyor, which collect all the cuttings from centrifuge, cuttings dryer and drying shaker. One 10HP screw conveyor is fixed under the hopper to transfer these cuttings to High-shear mixer.

  1. Storage Box

There are two storage boxes: one is to storage absorber, the other is storage cements. Each storage box has one underneath screw conveyor; these two conveyors feed these materials into the high shear mixer.

  1. High-Shear Mixer

The high-shear mixer has a large force to mix all the OBM, WBM or SBM together with absorber and cements. After mixing thoroughly, it discharges the waste in solid. A catching tank can be used to storage and transport them to other places.

GN solidification units are largely used in drill cuttings management. The treating process is continually in worksite. By using different chemicals or absorbers, GN solidification unit can treat different OBM, WBM or SBM.

The GN desilter is perfect to cut down the solids in mud program.

The GN desilter consists of hydralic, manifold and shale shake. the mud prssure may be elvated to 0.25 Mpa-0.4Mpa by sand pump right after the mud is whirled in pyramid by way of side feeder(2?ˉ1/2)of cones volute. the separated solids is drained from the underflow opening. light mud is drained along the middle passage via top.
20 years experiences prove that GN desilter trusty, significant equipment in drilling operation. It’s ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter solids when the operator is drilling with significant strong particles. The GN desilter is mostly applied to dispose solids of drilling fluid that could include drill solids for instance hematite, galena from drilling-fuild program.

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gn functionality and cost benefits



Gnsolidsamerica desilter relevant

Gnsolidsamerica desilter, also named mud desilter, is used as the 3rd stage of drilling solids control technique, for which the solids diameter to become separated ranges from 10 to 40 micons.
Desilter Function & Benefits
1. 100% Polyurethane(PU) material to make desilter cones to extend its service life
2. Clamp type for easy maintenance
3. Compact design small in footprint
4. Flexible options for 8 or 10,12,16 for different capacities
5. Flexible fast connection is available for user to assemble
Drilling mud desilter used to process large volumes of drilling fluid to remove abrasive sands and silts that shale shakers cannot remove.
Gnsolidsamerica is a leader in China?ˉs solids handle industry and expert in drilling waste management. Gnsolidsamerica is capable of providing customers with such four series as oil & gas drilling solids control equipment, centrifuges, drilling waste treatment equipment and drilling security equipment, including mud tank, shale shake, vacuum degasser, desilter, desander, mixers, centrifuges pumps, mud gun, jet mud mixing, infusion pumps, increased pump, shear pump, and all other solid manage equipment.At present, Gnsolidsamerica has directly exported its products to the following regions: All-Russia Region, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, etc.; East Asia and South Asia, including Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, etc.; the Middle East and North Africa, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, etc.; America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, etc.; Australia; Germany in Europe.

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Desilter is a GN project

Why choose Gnsolidsamerica desilter pls contact us to know more.