GN drying shaker with G Force

GN Solids Control is special manufacturer for that drilling mud solids control and drilling waste cuttings equipment. The shale shaker is among GN’s primary items. With this primary product, at this time around all of the models GN’s found here is the linear motion vibration mode. According to the necessity originating from different industry and also the customer’s preference, GN’s shale shaker is classed through the dealing with capacity and application.

GN’s shale shaker is classed as 200GPM, 500GPM and 600GPM. The littlest model is definitely be utilized within the compact system to do the job site with limited location area. GN’s 600GPM model might be utilized in both common solids control and waste management system. When speaking concerning the slurry feeding kind of GN’s shale shaker, you will find 3 types utilized for different application. The Three kinds of the feeder box would be the top situated design back situated design and hopper designed. For that top situated design feeder box, the shale shaker is frequently suggested to make use of within the mud recycling system for that Horizontal directional drilling projects. Because the mud tank in Horizontal directional drilling will always be narrow, so there’s no enough space from the tank surface to discover the shale shaker. In Horizontal directional drilling project, the drilling mud will always be given towards the shale shaker with the pump, the drilling mud arrived at the screen with really low pressure, therefore the drilling mud will come towards the screen from the very best situated feeder box. Whilst in the oil drilling projects, the drilling mud always arrives in the drilling hole rich in pressure. Thus you will see a buffer box to lessen our prime pressure from the drilling mud, the feeder box was created as an ‘n’, and also the drilling liquids need overflow in to the shaker deck.


For that hopper design feeder box, it’s specifically utilized for drilling waste cuttings dryer system. Because the waste cuttings will always be very thick, and also the fluidity isn’t as good because the drilling liquids. When shipped towards the drying out shaker through the screw conveyor, the waste cuttings need to get in to the shaker using a large opening feeder box.

GN Solid Control and Drilling Waste Management

GN Solids Control

GN solids control implements a recycle, reclaim and reuse tenet, with our solids control equipment, system after-purchase services. GN solids control facilities can handle recycling more drilling fluid than other companies. Within the number of solids control equipment, we offer a variety of models to satisfy with various requirements.

A) Shale shaker capacity from 200GPM to 600 GPM suit for trenchless drilling and oil & gas deep drilling. Hammer locking wedge and pretension shaker screen lessen the changing time

B) Mud cleaner has the capacity to remove silt, sand, clay and drilling liquids after shaker process. Large volume and compact design lessen the maintenance some time and process large amount of drilling liquids

C) Decanter centrifuge is the key unit to get rid of fine solids control in solids control industry. Also, GN decanter centrifuge plays a huge role within the dewatering system. GN provides you the 9 inch bowl for gemstone drilling, 14 inch 18 inch and 22 inch bowl centrifuges for various drilling liquids projects.

We integrated advanced solids control system to optimize drilling performance by reduction of drilling fluid deficits and charges. We’ve proven its ability to deliver excellent equipment.

800gpm mud recycling system

Drilling Waste Management

To protect the environment is the most primary principle at GN Solids Control GN thought that industrial development shouldn’t bargain a booming ecosystem. We’ve devoted to supplying the drilling cuttings waste management system to lessen the drilling footprint around the atmosphere. GN equipment is made to reclaim the drilling cuttings and reuse the drilling liquids. GN vertical cuttings dryer has the capacity to process 30~50 ton drilling cuttings each hour and oil retention of cuttings is between 3%~5% talk with environment discharge regulation. GN decanter centrifuge will further recover the drilling liquids and take away the solids from liquid.



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GN Solids Control oil show

GN Solids Control is worldwide supplier for solids control equipment & drilling waste management equipment. They’ve wide internet sales around the globe. Plus they attend large and important oil show in various nations. What show they attend?  Let begin to see the past year 2014 of GN Solids control oil show.


1) Beijing CIPPE 2014 Oil Show

As greatest oil show with coming influence, Beijing CIPPE is famous by increasingly more professionals in solids control area. From 2010, GN Solids control attend Beijing Oil Show and every year they are able to acquire some customer order or acquire some importance opportunity to link to worldwide large purchasers who’re committed themselves in solids control service and drilling cuttings management service.

2) Iran oil show 2014

Formerly, GN wish to attend Iran oil show in 2014, however, it had been cancelled later due to conflict between Iran and America. Anyway, GN will attend Iran oil show 2015 and link to NIDC, NDC, and NIOC etc. Worldwide oil service companies.

3) Australia No-dig show 2014

Australia is country with large interest in no-search equipment. GN Solids control compact mud product is much popular there and that we have our agent TT Asia who are able to allow us to promote the area there. The demand from Australia is sustainable and large each year.

4) Shanghai CIPPE 2014

Shanghai CIPPE 2014 is really a supplement for Beijing CIPPE 2014. To individuals who skipped Beijing CIPPE 2014. We attend Shanghai CIPPE every year just in case any losing of valuable clients from overseas.

5) USA OTC oil show 2014

We are the initial China solids control company who attend OTC from 2012. From then, we deal with OTC each year and also the results are actually good. We are able to match up against Derrick, Swaco, Nov Brandt etc. Worldwide solids control equipment supplier, and be aware of distinction between us. Then, we are able to compensate for no good and optimize our Solids control equipment.

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