Certainly one of Singapore Clients visited GN Factory

Lately, one of GN Singapore clients visited GN factory prior to the mud system and dosing system are ship to Singapore for service. Hebei GN Solids Control is experienced in creating and accumulating mud system. Because of its top quality, GN is the first API licensed solids control company in China. Having a fast speed of accelerating, GN has generated is America branch GN Solids America LLC the first and greatest USA based solids control company from China. Luckily, GN method is now serving in much more than 60 nations, achieving a properly -known brand: GN brand.


This technique manufactured with this Singapore customer consists of one mud tank which is often used to process used mud, and something container where a dosing system and decanter centrifuge is situated for more treatment. Around the mud tank, a dual deck shale shaker along with a desander with underflow shale shaker is set up. Because the solids within the used mud is comparatively bigger, therefore the upper deck of shale shaker is use 1 mm hole screens and also the lower deck uses 40 mesh screens for any further procedure for used mud. Next, the treated mud is going to be pumped in desander for any second stage treatment. Following the above two stages’ processing, there remains much more compact solids which cannot be individually directly by next equipment decanter centrifuge. So within this system, a dosing product is desire to make small solids flocculated into bigger ones, after which separated through the drilling mud decanter centrifuge.


Through this technique, first of all treated by shale shaker, after which desander, and last decanter centrifuge, the used mud is washed and recollected. This time around, GN engineer has tested the machine prior to the customer, also it works well. Click the following link, you will find more info.


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