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Mobile mud system transportation wit 40 foot trucks

GN Solids Control can offer solids control gear, drilling waste management gear and mud tank system. Regarding the mud tank system, here we talk about stream-lined drilling  mud system for HDD, water well drilling and so on
Unlike oil drilling internet site, the HDD project or perhaps water well drilling undertaking may stay in one web-site for only two weeks or a month, they will move from one site to another. Almost all of client prefer to mobile mud mixing system which can be locked upon 20ft truck or 40ft truck.
Mobile mud system
Recently, we have one particular client from West South africa who is busy with normal water well drilling to improve the regional water situation. And he have to have 40ft truck mobile mud system to working together with the actual Drillmec rig from Italia. The mud system such as below parts:
1) a few panel shale shaker GNZS73E-DZ, this is the most popular shaker product for non oil gasoline drilling field. The shaker is much mature product that have been working in market for over a decade. Even, we do some betterment every year, it is still vintage model and we will not end the manufacturing of this unit.
2) 3 panel mud cleaner GNZJ703E-D1S8N. This is mix of shale shaker, desander cone and desilter cones. This is certainly compact design three in a unit with much better functioning performance. If the client would rather cheaper price desander device and desilter unit, you can offer desander and desilter without down steam shale shaker. But the performance probably that good.
3) 3 pieces centrifugal pump installed inside the tank recess position. 1 centrifugal pump for giving the desander cones, one particular centrifugal pump for providing the desilter cones along with another one for mixing hopper.
4) 1 set submersible slurry pump for providing the shale shaker, sucking by mud pit. This pump is much more anti-corrosive than centrifugal pump.
5) 1 placed 10m mud tank to aid all equipment above. Along with the tank system can be put within a 40ft truck for method of travel.

GN High Speed Decanter Centrifuge Used for Waste Water Separating

As more and more GNLW series decanter centrifuges are employing in oil and gas drilling in addition to drilling waste management devices, GN Solids Control occasionally are regarded as a professional centrifuge manufacturer, and some clients are utilizing GN centrifuge in additional industries as sludge parting, waste water separation along with other applications.
Comparing with drilling waste management systems, the actual separation of waste h2o need the decanter centrifuge to be effective at a comparably lower differential speed, which is also the speed with regard to conveying the solids cycle in the bowl.
Why? Obtain a high differential speed?
1 ) First of all, a high speed to get conveying the material may combine the liquid and the solids, and the whole decanter centrifuge can be working as a mud agitator, in this case, the centrifuge is not really an efficient separation equipment.

decanter centrifuge
second . Secondly, in order to treat the particular waste water, the end end user need to add some chemical in the material, to change the size possibly the chemical composition of the squander water. In condition of a superior differential speed, the practical chemicals may be discharged alongside the liquid at the liquid shop.
3. Thirdly, when there is substances in the material to be dealt with, and the centrifuge’s differential pace is high, there would be rather much of bubbles and foams. It would give negative have an impact on on the separation result.

GNLW363CG-VFD is an idea choice for that waste water separation plans, because this is the highest normal decanter centrifuge internationally, GN uses best material for any decanter centrifuge bowl while SS2205 which is more good and more anti-corrosive.
And for the particular control panel, GN possesses positive pressurized control panel for easily choose the acceptable bowl speed and differential speed. When the aimed dish speed and differential pace are entered into the PLC control panel, the program may calculate out a suitable rear motor speed automatically.
Might you need more information, pls speak to GN Solids Control.

Configuration of Full Solids Control Stages 750HP Computer Mud System

1 . This particular system includes all some stages solids control devices, shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter and decanter centrifuge product.
2 . 2 Units Shale shaker used as the rough solids separation equipment possitioned on first mud tank. This sort shale shaker is set with 3 panels screen and the mud feeding outlet on buffer box ended up being pre-opened as per client’s web site condition for easy interconnection. The mud tank beneath the shale shaker was developed as inclined tank underside for easy tank clean-up.
3. Both the de-sander along with de-silter unit are equipped with below drying shaker. Comparing using the cyclone unit without dry skin shaker, this type mud cleaner unit could greatly reduce the losing of drilling fluids and make the actual discharged solids much dryer. In the meanwhile, the beneath shaker are 2-panel screen model GNZS752. This shaker model is much cost effective when compared with 3-panel screen shaker, nonetheless the performance is also adequate.
4. This 750HP computer mud cleaning system was pre-loaded with GN economic configuration 20 inch decanter centrifuge having RPM1800. This centrifuge system is fed by a submersible slurry pump, and mainly utilized for drilling fluids barite recovery.
5. Total several units 40 feet mud tank involved in this 750HP mud system. All the solids control equipment was attached to the mud tank incompactly to give more space for user or installation of the mud agitator.

6. This mud system was equipped with a completely independent skid type jet mud mixer for mud mixing.

Besides 750HP rig mud system, GN is also in a position to provide drilling mud system intended for rig of 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 1000HP, 1500HP and 2000HP. Below, many of us shared several other projects in GN’s oil rig mud system.

GN 1000hp Device Solids Control System Looking forward to Delivery to COSL

GN ZJ30 Drilling Mud Recycling System with regard to RG Petroleum Deliver for you to Customer in Oman

ZJ50 Rig Mud Cleaning System for CNPC LiaoHe Oilfield

Mud recycling system for Crossing engineering project

GN solids control equipments and systems are mainly used for 3 applications, including: oil & gas drilling solids control & drilling cuttings waste management, HDD & CBM mud recycling & others sludge separation. Crossing engineering/ civil engineering is one of the major projects for our mud cleaning system applications. We have sold over 50 units of mud recycling system to CPP (China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau) with different treating capacity and configurations for crossing engineering works.

800gpm mud recycling system
The crossing project is not limited to civil engineering crossing, but also includes petroleum pipelines crossing. Recently GN solids control mud recycling system just utilized for oil pipelines transform project in Jinxi, Liaoning province.
According to the Petroleum Pipeline Bureau News center: Langfang company finished the pullback in Jinxi Petrochemical project successfully on Oct.7th , which is the company’s first project through the construction of Jinxi Petrochemical BU project Daqing oil pipeline river crossing project. The project is the construction of hidden trouble reform project by Jinxi Petrochemical Company, starting in the blue sea company and end of Jinxi Petrochemical Company plant, totally need to complete four pipelines in parallel. This River Crossing Project is an important project for the pipeline, they need to implement four pipelines crossing. The project is located at the junction of Jinzhou Economic Development Zone and Lianshan district,The pipeline diameter is 406.4 mm with length of 1098 meters, the design pressure of 6.3 MPa.
The configuration of the mud recycling system as below:
1 double deck shale shaker with 10 inch desander cones GNZJ705-2S
2 double deck shale shaker with 4 inch desilter cones GNZJ705-12N
3 Variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge GNLW452-VFD
4 2 mud tanks with 2 sets of 20ft container sized frame for convenient transportation
GN solids control not only produce, but also designed customized mud recycling system, we are looking forward to discuss with your technical team and provide the best solution for your crossing mud recycling.

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General Introduction of GNMS-500G Mud Cleaning And Recycling System with a Capacity of 500GPM


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is not only a top manufacturer of solids control equipment and system for oil and gas drilling, but also a top manufacturer of mud cleaning and recycling equipment and system for HDD, CBM, Tunneling, Micro Tunneling, etc. Here generally introduce one model of GN 500gpm mud systems:GNMS-500G.

The normal treating capacity can reach up tp 500GPM with 3 phases treatment machines shale shaker and mud cleaner. This mud recycling system can both cleaning and recycling mud and the mixing pump can serve as a charge pump. After the third phase treatment, particles over 20 microns will be separated.

This model is standardized design from many years’ experience for a reliable operation with multi-function self-contained unit for mud cleaning, storage, and mud mixing.The walkways with handrails can be fold down at tank side for transportation. Details of mud treatment machines shale shaker and mud cleaner with the combination of desander and desilter cones are listed in below chart.

Mud Treatment Shale Shkaer Shaker bottom frame is made from stainless steel with rubber sealing protection.
Top brand vibration motors from Italy OLI or US Martin Brand.
Rubber covered dumping spring for less noise and long life.
Wedge type pretensioned screen for fast screen change.
Mud Cleaner Clamp type PU material cyclones for long life and easy maintenance.
Bottom dewatering Shaker is the same as the above shaker.


Besides including mud mixing function, the mud mixing pump also can serve as charging pump to the drilling rigs. The 3# centrifugal pumps can be controlled by a valve to provide a continuous supply of clean mud from 3# de-silter compartment (Mixingcompartment) under pressure to the high pressure mud pump, avoiding problems of starvation and cavitations which can rapidly cause damage.



Linear Motion Shale Shaker In Oilfield Industry

Linear motion shale shaker is easily the most popular shale shaker in the world , GNZS703E ?CHB/DZ is easily the most popular model in GN Solids Control for gas and oil drilling solids control system . It’s 2 group of vibrating motor placed on shale shaker to really make it linear motion , the two teams of motor vibrating in opposite directions while working . The shaker screen is frame type screen by wedge type installation for fast replace screen .
GNZS703E ?CHB/DZ is really a 3 deck shale shaker with 700 x 1250 mm size shaker screen with 6 set wedge for installation . The dealing with mud capacity reaches to 500 GPM at 40 mesh of shaker screen , the G pressure could be adjust and max G pressure reaches to 7.5 G . The standard working G pressure is about 7. G .

The linear motion shale shaker could be use for drying out shale shaker for desander and desilter cyclone , the shale shaker can install desander cone just with 500 / 1000 / 1500 GPM dealing with capacity , the solids from dsander cone will drop onto shaker deck for drying out at 80 ?C 120 mesh screen . The shale shaker can install desilter just with 200 to 1500 GPM dealing with capacity , the solids from desilter will drop onto shaker deck for drying out at 120 ?C 200 mesh screen based on different drilling condition . There’s an alternative choice that install desander cone and desilter cone onto a same set shale shaker to really make it a mud cleaner , the mud flow could be 500 GPM , 1000 GPM and 1500 GPM which we call three in a single .

Apart from linear motion shale shaker, GN Solids supply decanter centrifuge , centrifugal pump , mud tank , and so on Please contact GN Solids freely .

Solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rig

GN Solids Control, as China top solids control manufacturer, released 4 complete sets solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rigs for one of The United States drilling company. The drilling company includes some alternative equipment for the previous land rig mud systems.

An order includes below solids control equipment:

1) Linear motion shale shaker model GNZS594E-HB, quantity 10 each

2) Vacuum degasser GNZCQ270A, Quantity 4 ea

3) Desander mud cleaner, quantity 5 ea

4) Desilter mud cleaner: quantity 7 ea

5) Different types centrifugal pumps, quantity 25 ea

6) Mud agitator, quantity over 40 ea

7) Other alternative spares.

You will find a lot of companies in China and from China, why the client finally choose GN after comparison?

1) GN Solids Control is the 1rst solids control company in China that has API licensed. Now GN have CE certificate approved by DNV for European market.

2) GN Solids Control is the first China solids control manufacturer who registered in Houston America and also have a separate brand GN Solids America. All GN equipment made per worldwide high standard.

3) GN company mission: Top logo and reasonable cost. No lower, no greater.

4) Because the fast developing company, GN think highly of customer’s feedback and enhancing design and quality.

5) GN centrifugal pump interchangeable with November mission pump. It can make clients simple for alternative as well as for stock spares.

6) GN have shaker model interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose and Derrick.

Besides mud solids control equipment, GN also make drilling cuttings treatment equipment. GN offer one-stop solution for drilling rigs.

Here is the primary drilling waste management equipment GN makes:

1) Drilling cuttings screw conveyer

2) Vertical cuttings dryer for oil base mud and water base mud. The performance approved by jobsite test. While other brand, they are able to simply be employed for oil base mud.

3) High G shaker for water base mud

4) Dewatering unit for waste water treatment or water base mud treatment.

1000 gpm mud recycling system