GN Solids Control’s mud system

GN has acquired a great many experiences for the period of these years rapid development. At present many GN Drilling Mud Systems are widespread utilized in the following industries, just like Horizontal directional drilling mud recycling (HDD), mining and geothermal well drilling, coal exploration drilling, water well drilling etc.

GN Solids Control has broadly well known by the customers all over the world. And today we receive the orders that the customers design based upon various demands.

Generally, for the standard mud system it is installed with two mud tanks. The first tank is cleaning tank and the other one is to make the mud stock and mixed .

There are vacuum degassers, shale shakers, mud agitators and mud guns that are installed on the first mud tank. It is divided into 3 compartments. The first compartment is trip compartment, the second compartment is to equip shale shaker and the last compartment is degasser’s compartment. A mud gun is equipped in the first trip compartment for agitating and transferring the mud into it. In the degassing compartment a mud agitator is equipped to agitate the mud and to avoid the sedimentation. The second mixing tank is installed with mud agitators, mud guns and hoppers. It is separated into two compartments. The first compartment is storage compartment and the second compartment is pill compartment or mixing compartment. Chemicals added through hoppers installed on the second compartment. In accordance with different drilling situation a decanter centrifuge may also installed on the second tank.

GN Solids Control has onsite experiences for drilling mud cleaning solutions in all kinds of drilling. GN Solids Control can provide turnkey solutions with first time commissioning service, training up of users engineer for operating the mud system.

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GN made Vacuum Degasser

Hebei GN Solids Control co, ltd is a China API & ISO certified manufacturer specializing in a complete line for varieties of drilling engineering.

Vacuum degasser is one of the important aspects in solids control system. It has effects on stabilizing drilling fluid viscosity and fluid density. Similarly, vacuum degasser belongs to mud purification system. It mainly helps separating gas from liquid. vacuum pump is a part of vacuum degasser, in the suction of vacuum pump function, the harmful gas from the fluid will release into relatively safety zone by the collision of the hollow shaft windows, and then, the filtered fluid will flow into the mud tanks.

The feature of vacuum degasser

1 uses negative pressure degasser, reasonable design structure of science, to achieve effective gas-liquid separation, filter out impurities, ensure the exhaust pipe is always smooth;

2 using a belt drive, avoiding the complicated gear mechanism to ensure long working hours;

3 water ring vacuum pump in the work process, always in isothermal state for flammable gas pumping, safe and reliable performance;

4 degassing efficiency is over 95% and maximum kick out the dangerous gas.

Vacuum Degasser 2