What Advantages does GN Mud Agitator Take in the Performance?

GN JBQ series mud agitator is one of the important equipment for mud system. It is mainly used for agitating fluids ,avoid particle in fluids deposit to tank bottom.

We know, mud agitator is an important ancillary equipment of the drilling fluid solids controle quipment, which is mainly used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the mud tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluid. It is composed of explosion-proof motor, speed reducer, motor base and blade. The motor and speed reducer, speed reducer and impeller shaft are connected by steel coupling. The impeller is welded with four blades.

mud agitator

Compared to mud agitators from other suppliers, what advantages does GN mud agitator take in the performance? The following will give you an answer:

  1. Spiral bevel gear box
  2. Outdoor explosion-proof electric motor
  3. Able to process 20ppg drilling fluids
  4. Power available ranging from 2.2 to 22KW
  5. Compact, quiet, stable and easy to maintain

GN solids control co., will install motor and gearbox before delivery .If the machine will note be installed immediately ,it should be covered with a tarpaulin. If unit is shored outdoors, use a UV- resistant tarp, or UV- mresistant shrink – wrap. Install vents when using shrink –wrap .Seal operating and maintenance manual in plastic and attach to unit.

GN mud agitators are shipped disassembled except for motor and gearbox,which are supplied as an sssembly, All components including shaft are packaged in a sea/air worthy wooden case.

GN headquarter is located close to Beijing ,about 40 KM to Beijing downtown or Beijing capital international airport , welcome to visit us . Also if you are interest in our product ,please feel free to contact us or vist out website http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com

Installation and Maintenance of GN Mud Agitator

  1. Model selection

For proper mixing and suspension of solids, the mud agitator must be properly sized and installed. To properly size a mud agitator, proceed as follow:

  • Select desired style – horizontal type
  • Determine available electric power – 440V/460V/380,60HZ,380V/400/415V,50HZ or customized.
  • Select horsepower and impeller as determined by the followding factors:

tank design – round or square

tan dimensions

maximum mud weight

desired turnover ratio(TOR)

After gathering the required information ,the agitator can be properly sized to meet the horsepower demand and correct agiataton for application ,To ensure accurate sizing, GN recommends clients to communicate with GN people to make sure size and model.

mud agitator

  1. operation attentions

Following are operational recommendations for mud agitators:

  • Maintain uniform tank dimensions,I,e, equal width-to-length ratio or as close as possible to equal.
  • Avoid TOR values greater than 85 seconds, as this may jeopardize solids suspension.
  • Avoid TOR values less than 40 seconds, as this may result in formation of a vortex and increase air entrapment.
  1. Installation

Following are the sequential steps of the mud agitator installation procedure. The sequence presented is a auidelin and may vary depanding on the user’s facilities, previous experience with this equipment , and optional equipment.

  • Read and understand all safety information & hading procedure in this manual, and identify the mud agitator components.
  • Locate and weld mountiong palte and stabilizer( if reauired)to tank structure.
  • Place shaft in tank ,and assemble impeller, tapered bushings, and male coupling on shaft.
  • Install female coupling on gearbox shaft.
  • Install motor and gearbox assembly, and attach shaft coup;ing to gearbox coup;omg
  • Connect electric supply to drive motor.

GN series drilling fluids mud agitator is a drilling fluid solids control equipment, which is mainly used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the circulating mud tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluid.

Only one Chinese exhibitor for 2015 Australia No Dig Show – GN Solids Control

No Dig Show start from September 8th to 11th ,2015, at gold coast convention and exhibition centre. Conference speakers from around the world – view the conference program here.GN solids control co., is the only one Chinese exhibitor for 2015 Australia No Dig Show. Unlike other shows, this show is specialize in no dig with many professional visitors.

The Chinese companies is very hard to Australia market . More attention was paid to the quality of production in Australia. The customer there think the price is not as important as performance and providing the best service. But Australia market is tough doesn’t mean ti’s impossible. Howerer, GN solids control have supplied a mud recycling system t Australia in 2010, and up to now, more than 20 sets of mud recycling systems have been sold to Australia for CBM drilling, water well drilling, oil gas drilling and HDD trenchless etc. All of those reason is why GN solids control co., is the only on Chinese exhibitor for 2015 Australia No Dig Show.

0909 visitors mud recycling system

GN has a parter who can offer our products and service in Australia and GN have made a full strock of mud revycling system and spare parts there . The Germany Branch company TT Asia Pacific is a leading companies in the world for HDD rigs.

GN Mud Recycling System in the Show.
GN Mud Recycling System Displayed is the GNMS-200G self-contained mud recycling system with capacity to 200GPM. This mu recycling system include one duble deck shale shaker ,one 11kw centrifugal pump for feeding desilter, and one 11kw mixing pump for hopper. The size of mud tank is esay for transportation by sea or land trailers. If you would like to learn more about this system or other equipments ,please pay attention to our website on http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com

GN Shale Shaker And Shaker Screen For UAE client

GN solids control co., ia a leading manufactuer for drilling mud solids control & waste management equipment and shale shaker screens.Our products have been sold over 60 countries and areas all over the world. We also have deliveried 4 sets of shale shaker and a large batch of shale shaker screen for an UAE client to replace the old shale shaker on their drilling rig. The shale shaker is the first phase cleaning for 400 microns by 40 mesh shaker screen and the shale shaker can be working for lower solids separation microns by higher shaker screen mesh . Each shale shaker need 3 pc of shaker screen and each set of shaker screen will working estimate 7 – 10 days , all of those reason is why the UAE client ordered a larger batch of shaker screen cause the shaker screen will need replace and a good value .

GN Shale Shaker
GN Shale Shaker

About GN Shale Shaker

The shale shaker can be treating fine solids like sand and silt by installing of desander cyclone and or desilter cyclone . The desander cyclone separate 50 microns and above and desilter cyclone separate 20 microns and above . After desander or desilter separate , the clean mud will be guide into a clean mud tank compartment and solids drop on shaker screen for drying process by 100 mesh to 200 mesh shaker screen . GN Solids can supply a complete solution including shale shaker , mud tanks . Please contact GN Solids for more information .

About GN Shale Shaker Screens

GN solids control co., adopt the internatiolnal most advanced technology to manufacture all kinds of shale shaker screens. GN also supply replaceable screens for all the popular brand shale shakers. As an API certified manufacture GN have the screens mesh from API 20 – 400.


GN vertical cuttings dryer

Reduce environmental impact and meet compliance regulations.Now as everyone knows,  the new regulations for world oilfield environment has driven the demands for the drilling technology. As regulations on drilling waste become more stringent operators are in need of a reliable waste disposal solution that ensures the waste and the liability of its impact are gone for good. GN vertical cuttings dryer can offer a reliable solution by reducing the oil on cuttings ratio of oil-based fluids to an acceptable limit for waste disposal.

GN solids control co., is a leading manufactuer for drilling mud solids control & waste management equipment. GN has provided for over sixty country and regions.Every year GN solids control co., solid over 50 cutting dryers , The quality and good performance of the dryers are well appraised by the customers.

GN vertical cuttings dryer

GN vertical cuttings dryer features

  • GN vertical cutting dryer specially designed not only for oil based mud SBM but also can be used for water based drilling waste.
  • GN vertical cutting dryer can be mounted on the telescopic skid or on skid together with the decanter centrifuge for fast movment,
  • GN normal vertical cuttings dryer speed is 900 RPM with G force up to 420 G, and the super high speed is available at 1200RPM with G force up to 750G for better srparation ability.
  • FAG brand premium bearing

The GN vertical cutting dryer processes drilled cuttings to between 3% to 5% wet weight oil.The dryer has comfortably processed cuttings generated when drilling reached 150 feet per hour in 20-inch hole ( 46 meters per hour in 508 – mm hole.)

GN vertical cuttings dryer is the first unit in china to use in both oil based drilling cuttings and water based drilling waste. So it meets clients requirement to use one set of systeme to treat both mud for the same well without changing the way to handle the different drilling waste

Operation videos: http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-video