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GN Solids America LLC’s GNSB Centrifugal Pump

GN Solids America LLC is proudly offers the world with drilling mud centrifugal pump. We are an exporter from China and United States of drilling fluid centrifugal pump for oil companies in India, Russia, Middle East, Turkey, Venezuela, and Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Africa countries.

The GNSB series centrifugal pump has been designed and manufactured for petroleum drilling field for supporting solids control equipments. It adopts the axial suction structure and all the hydraulic components are fraction-resisting cast iron, which is suitable for delivering the acid-like liquids with suspended particles in well drilling or other similar fluids.

When begin concept-thinking for the centrifugal pump, its specifications were fully thought that the complete solids control machinery that can work under the any operating situation. It is endowed with high communality of parts, operating reliability, durability and convenient maintenance-performing

The GNSB series centrifugal pump is equipped with auxiliary impeller so the seal is more reliable. The pump is used the lip seal, immersion asbestos and rubber square coil seal, the therefore the seals are maintained conveniently.

GNSB series centrifugal pump is GN Solids America LLC’s proud machinery according to the best construction situation available from the manufacture for metal wear-resistant sand pump.

Structural features:

1 GNSB series metal wear-resistant sand pump mainly composed of pump body, impeller, and guard board; pump cover, bracket and bearing assembly.

2 The cast of the pump body, impeller and guard board use non-metal wear-resistant material.

3 The centrifugal pump shaft seal use packing seal, and the high pressure washing clear water be added into packing chamber, better to ensure the normal operation of pump.

4 To look-in from the inlet direction for counterclockwise, from inlet to see pump export in horizontal direction right hand, according to the need, outlet can be adjust in 360 degrees.

Decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pump

GN Solids America, a US subsidiary of GN Solids Control which specializes in manufacturing equipment and parts applied in the area of drilling solid control and waste management, was established in 2014 in Houston, TX. Since establishment, it performed as the company’s North America sales, assembly center and warehouse.

GN Solids America’s product range covers shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump,decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer and so on. We can be your one stop shop for the products in the solid control and waste management area. And all of our products are of high quality, worry-free, certified by API, ISO, CE, TP TC, and have been sold to more than 60 countries, many of them are world famous, like BAKER HUGHES, SCOMI, COSL, EMEC, etc. Annually GN’s facility in China can manufacture 300 sets of shale shaker , 200 set of decanter centrifuge, 100 sets of cutting dryer. Now the screen facility can make 5000 pieces of shaker screen annually and will expect this number to be tripled after our new facility into production.

Our North American HQ is just in the global energy center, Houston, TX, which can perform as the manufacturing facility, warehouse, after sales service center and guarantee the quick delivery of the products and quick response to the customer’s inquiry.

Now we have plenty of shaker screens in stock in Houston facility, the screens can also be replaceable with DERRICK, MI-SWACO and BRANDT. We also have many equipment for sale, such as the shale shaker, cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, and some centrifugal pump and agitators, welcome to send your inquiries to us or have a tour to our Houston facility. We can show you more about our company and products.

We will try our best to assist your business to be successful. Welcome to visit