GN Oilfield Drilling waste Cutting dryer

When we mentioned cutting dryer, there are always 2 explanations. One is for High H dryer (Hi-G dryer), or even named as high H shale shaker or cutting drying shale shaker. Its normally used for water structured mud drilling cuttings. It is just a special designed shale shaker with high G force or older to 7. 5 or maybe 8. And the G pressure is adjustable to suit for further applications. High G cutting dryer is with a longer screen deck and screen region, mostly 4-panel.
Another kind of cutting dryer is vertical cuttings dryer (short name while VG dryer). Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal drive to dry drilled solids through OBM or SBM. A stainless-steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and make them improve to 900RPM with Gary the gadget guy force to 420G. It may also offer super high speed 1200RPM with G force in order to 750G. Liquid is obligated through the screen bowl open positions, while “dry” solids usually are extracted by the angled routes attached to the cone, which often rotate slightly slower compared to bowl. Tungsten carbide floor welding protects the routes from abrasive and makes sure long operational life. The objective of this is maintaining a constant hole between the scroll and screen bowl, which is very important intended for proper operation.

In some cases, when folks only mentioned cuttings dryer or cutting dryer, is actually means High G dryer shale shaker. And Top to bottom dryer is for vertical cuttings dryer.
Other waste management equipment used together with cutting dryer
High speed Decanter centrifuge
No matter high G dryer shale shaker or straight cuttings dryer, after that, decander centrifuge should be accustomed to separate the fine solids from the recoveried fluids. 14’’ decanter centrifuge is the most well-known size. 18 inch and also 22 inch big serving is also normally used for huge capacity. It is usually mounted on any telescopic skid and provided by a screw pump.
Bolt conveyer
It is used to exchange drilled cuttings, feed with regard to high G dryer shale shaker, vertical cuttings dryer. It can also used to transfer typically the drilled solids discharged coming from dryer to the collection location.

GN Mini Centrifuge for sales in Houston

GN Solids control has been manufactured solids control machines and drill cuttings operations systems for many years. GN accessories such as shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges in addition to cuttings dryer are using throughout over 60 countries.
At this point GN Solids Control makes 300 to 350 value packs decanter centrifuges every year. GN centrifuges are used in various worksites by large client for example Baker Hughes, Shell and so forth
For the decanter centrifuge, GN provides 9 inch, 14inch, 17 inch and 22 half inch rotating bowl. Large dish decanter centrifuges are mainly employed to separate drill cuttings inside the oil and gas area. While modest diameter decanter centrifuge GNLW223 enables you to separate much finer solid waste like 2 microns.
GN mini decanter centrifuge GNLW223 features a pretty high rotating acceleration which can reach to 5k rpm. Generally speaking, the typical revolving speed for this 9 ” decanter centrifuge is 3800 rpm or 4500 rpm, along with the G force can attain to 1777 G or maybe 2492 G.

The turning speed of this centrifuge may be changed by using different pulley. The differential gear will be adjustable within 35: –
GNLW223 is driven by simply one motor, the power is actually 11kw. Rotating speed on the screw propeller can be adjusted through the differential gear. Treating volume of this centrifuge is 26GPM.
This year, GN Solids Control has been provided many models of 9 inch centrifuge to North America and Europe drilling companies. GN solids America LLC also has tiny decanter centrifuge available in Houston factory, welcome to connect with our Des moines sales for more info.
Another devices are also used to equip on this small decanter centrifuge, GN minuscule shaker can be used to separate out there most of the coarse solids ahead of feeding into GNLW223.
Typically the mini shaker and decanter centrifuge can be fixed on one mud tank, which can be used relocated easily. Welcome to visit the Houston warehouse and go here centrifuge.

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Cleaning cycle of drilling fluid

Concept: The drilling fluid cleaning cycle is to remove the harmful solid debris, reserve the clean drilling fluid to meet the demand of drilling fluid spec under the drilling process. Drilling fluid cleaning system is the term of all drilling fluid solids control equipments used in the oil drilling.

Function: To prevent the oil well from clogging, breaking, and decrease the drilling torque and friction resistance, reduce the pressure fluctuations of the hollow suction, increase the drilling speed, extend the drilling bit life, and reduce wear and tear of the equipments. Methods: The common methods are mixture-thin methods, swap methods, machine methods and additive-chemical methods. Use different separation function machinery is  machine method is by using screening, centrifugal separation and gravity separation to separate the solid phase according to the different size and density, therefore, to control the solid phase in the drilling fluid.

“GN mud cleaning system”的图片搜索结果

1 The technical process of the mud  cleaning system and the combination of the fluid cleaning equipment.

The technical process of complete group of drilling fluid cleaning system should meet the specification of five level solid phase control (screening, degassing, desanding, desilting, centrifuge) and the provoke the drilling fluid. The merger of each solids control equipment is very important, the through out of one to five level of mud cleaning equipment should each corresponding, and the spacing of the proper distance were is appropriate.  To have certain overlap during the cleaning process, make the smaller particles of the processing incomplete in the up one had been disposed in the next solids control equipment.

2 Drilling fluid cleaning cycles

The mud back from the opening of well through the pipeline and conveyed the drilling fluid to the shale shaker. The first phase of cleaning completed by shale shaker, then entered the mud tank, the drilling fluid flowed from the mud tank through the tank slot into the desander and desilter (if detect the exits of gas, vacuum degasser will process to remove the gas) the fluid after processing of the centrifugal steps and through the tank slot enters the inhalation cabin.  The cleaned fluid then will reuse for lubricate and cooling the drill bit.

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Huge Bowl Centrifuge VS Double Centrifuge

As a professional hues control decanter centrifuge supplier, GN Solids Control have implemented the fashion long time ago, for you to manufacture the big bowl centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. The vertical cuttings dryer, have been proved to be a very prosperous investment, especially when China be and more strict on the going waste environmental protection.
Out of your tender bring up the basic concept of huge bowl centrifuges, it is to help
High performance water based soil treatment; High performance oil based dirt treatment; High performance waste h2o treatment; High performance barite restoration / mud weight chopping
Well most importantly, we do not need to handle too many centrifuges, 1 equipment, handle all the frustrating.

553 Decanter Centrifuge 1

While a lot of engineers in addition still prefer 2 regular decanter centrifuges, with standard layout, not that big serving, keep main things similar, just different operations. As well as:
It is flexible, can be additionally used for other application, regarding solids control.
If one of these individuals get problems, another one nevertheless working. It is nonstop functioning.

Different concept, but very same purpose, we all want to preserve trouble on site, although we see it in different means.

Good news is GN solids Control keep big jar centrifuge and normal centrifuge IN STOCK in China and taiwan and Houston, middle distance in near future.
By the way, the best bowl centrifuge model: GNLW553, 22inch bowl; normal measurement means 14inch, GNLW363C

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GNLW363C-VFD Decanter Centrifuge Sailing intended for South Asia

Since its to start with born in GN solids Control’s workshop with the label of GNLW363 as the very first generation of GN centrifuges, this 14 inch length bowl centrifuge has captivated a lots of eyeballs as well as attentions from many prospects in oil and gas drilling marketplace.
Now after years of exploration and design, and also along with many valuable feedback suggestions from the rig working jobsites, GNLW363CG decanter centrifuges are actually of the 3rd generation. And also meanwhile, its applications are generally spread not only in the coal and oil drilling industry, but also include the drilling waste management, various other drillings like CBM, HARD DRIVE drilling, TBM and some mining or prospecting works. That is because, in many countries, the conventional to for discharging the actual waste is more and more tight and the end users also have to look at to reduce the high cost regarding drilling liquid.
A few four week period ago, an Asian corporation visited GN Solids Handle and considered to use GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuges for their down hole drilling for your coal mine, and his primary purpose is to protect typically the expensive drilling machine.

Sinopec centrifuge
Exactly why he chose GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge?
1 . 14 inch size bowl and length height ratio is 3, perfect for separation result and a great capacity.
2 . good stuff like impeller protection flooring, made of tungsten, helps the actual centrifuge to stand often the wear from the solids.
several. VFD controlled, for choosing almost any requested speed from zero rpm to 3200 rpm, covering larger application collection.
4. the positive pressurized user interface has the self cooling process, suitable for high temperature conditions.

In addition to GNLW363CG-VFD, this company chose a GNZS594E-HB shale shaker also like the former palm separation before the decanter centrifuge. It can help to enhance the treating performance of the whole procedure. The particular shale shaker is used to separate out your particles larger than 100 microns in the solids control programs and slurry units.

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one project for CNPC domestic jobsite

GN Solids control have 2 model proposal for drilling waste management system. One model is compact and targeted drilling waste management system: all instrumentation put in on one twelve meter skid; the opposite model is standard drilling cuttings management unit, that is separated in several tiny units, versatile for jobsite layout and separate transportation.
Recently, we’ve one project for CNPC domestic jobsite. They obtain one set standard drilling cuttings management unit. when our engineer assistance on the installation and check, the instrumentation is functioning well at CNPC jobsite. it’s vital to say that vertical cuttings appliance performance and bottle centrifuge performance is 2 key points to beat the opposite competitors and win the order.
Modular drilling cuttings management unit together with below components

2015.7.30 waste management centrifuge
Part 1) vertical cuttings dryer: this is often accustomed treat the oil primarily based} mud / artificial based mud drilling cuttings discharged from solids system sedimentary rock shakers & desanders & desilters. when treated by vertical cuttings appliance, the fine solids with liquids visit next stage treatment by centrifuge. The coarse solids discharged from cuttings appliance is dry enough, usually OOC below 3-5%. Internationally, the solids can visit Thermal action unit or furnace for final treatment into ashes or manufacture into bricks.
Part 2) High G dryer: this is often accustomed treat the water primarily based mud drilling cuttings discharged from solids system sedimentary rock shakers & desanders & desilters. when treated by High G appliance, the fine solids with liquids visit next stage treatment by centrifuge. The coarse solids discharged from high G appliance, usually OOC around 100 percent.Remark: GN vertical cuttings appliance can even be used for WBM drilling cuttings treatment. Compared with High G appliance, the treatment results is way higher, however, the facility consumption is way larger. The vertical cuttings appliance is 55kw for large size cuttings appliance (GNCD930 appliance) and three7kw for mini vertical cuttings dryer (GNCD730 dryer); solely 3.88kw for top G appliance (GNZS594HGE-LD). Operation price of vertical cuttings appliance and high G appliance is nearly same. the foremost expensive operation components for vertical cuttings appliance is screen basket; the foremost expensive operation spare components for top G appliance is shaker screen. They each ought to get replaced when some amount use.

2015.7.30 modular drilling cuttings management unit
Part 3) bottle centrifuge:  GN latest model bottle centrifuge will work absolutely for serious mud treatment. during this treatment system, GN bottle centrifuge is employed to treat the fine solids with liquids discharged from vertical cuttings appliance / high G appliance, with abundant high solids content.

There also are some off-line equipment to attach and support the total system.
1) Drilling cuttings transfer pump: this is often accustomed transfer the drilling cuttings from solids system to vertical cuttings appliance / high G appliance. Screw conveyor can even be accustomed replace drilling cuttings transfer pump.
2) Mud mediator transfer unit: this is often accustomed collect the liquids from vertical cuttings appliance so visit centrifuge.
3) Screw pump: this may be used for feeding bottle centrifuge / flushing vertical cuttings appliance.
If you would like instrumentation support for a few drilling waste management, pls contact U.S.A. for a lot of details data. Thanks for reading.

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GNZJ series mud cleaner by GN Solids America LLC

GNZJ594E-2S12N Mud Cleaner  is the 4 panels screen installed, low buffer box in placed and pair with two Martins 2.5 HP motor.  The control box is met IEC EX, ATEX AND UL explosion proof and certified.  GNZJ594E-2S12N mud cleaner is combination of desander, desilter and shale shaker in one.  The design contains two 10 inches hydrocyclones for desander and twelve 4 inches hydrocyclones for desilter.  It combine 4 panels shale shaker to become mud cleaner has 240 m3/h treating capacity.  The use of the hydrocyclone for the weighted mud is prohibitively expensive (due to loss of barite) and since ultra-fine screens are incapable of handling the entire mud stream, the other kind  of solids removal device is necessary. A unit consisting of both of these devices covers their individual limitations. It is the drilling mud cleaner.  The main function of drilling mud cleaner is eliminate the solid particles whose particle sizes are larger than the barite, and collect the barite in drilling fluid. When the weighted drilling fluid pass the hydrocyclone, a large number of barites in underflow pass the screen, the barites will be returned to cycle tank

“GN Mud Cleaner”的图片搜索结果

1 The main structure of mud cleaner can be divided into two parts, the desander hydrocyclones  and desilter hydrocyclones  are installed on the upside. The base of the cone is equipped with the chute, and a shale shaker is installed. The structure is compact, and occupies small space.

2 Between the main inlet pipe and outlet pipe is equipped with butterfly valves, can adjust the numbers of desander and desilter function at any time, easy to operate and maintain.

3 The feed port adopts tangent feed, smooth transport, for improving separation efficiency. The inner surface of mud cleaner is smooth, and the flow channel is rational.

4 Different numbers of hydrocyclones of desander and desilter can be matched according to the requirement of other solids control machinery that are in use.

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Polymer mixing unit with decanter centrifuge in Houston

GN designed polymer mixing unit not only widely used for oil drilling industry, but also popular for no-dig drilling, pilings, Tunneling to re-use the water, tailings treatment, also waste oil water separation, dredging slurry separation to get clear water. The basic function is for the preparation of both flocculant mixing& coagulant mixing for continuous work without stop.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

The basic configuration of GN polymer mixing unit is as below:

  • Three Tank Automatic Powder Polymer Mud Mixing System
  • Coagulant Mixing Tank
  • Polymer and Coagulant Feeding System
  • Liquid level meter
  • Sometimes there is only dissolving tank with mud agitator, sometimes there is extra storage tank with a transfer pump to transfer the prepared fluids to the storage tank, so the system can work continuously.
  • America decanter centrifuge

The tank material could be customized.

  • The powder silo/ tank could be a small one like our standard design, just the worker need to watch it all the time, once it is almost finished, they need to put new ones here; also it could be a bigger tank, so the operator can just look around when it is necessary.
  • Other components for option. E.g. If you need to install them inside the container, we will install lights, windows, door, air conditioner, etc. If you install it on the ground skid, we will suggest sun proof cover.

To design the customized dewatering unit for you, we will ask some questions to confirm your requirement:

  • Required preparation capacity with what powder feeding rate or with what kind of concerntration
  • How many kinds of chemical materials need to be prepared?
  • Requirement of continuous working or not?
  • Require decanter centrifuge or not? What is your required treating capacity for the centrifuge?
  • Laboratory test report if applicable.

If you are in need of such polymer mixing unit, pls contact with GN solids America in Houston.


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General Introduction of GNMS-500G Mud Cleaning And Recycling System with a Capacity of 500GPM


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is not only a top manufacturer of solids control equipment and system for oil and gas drilling, but also a top manufacturer of mud cleaning and recycling equipment and system for HDD, CBM, Tunneling, Micro Tunneling, etc. Here generally introduce one model of GN 500gpm mud systems:GNMS-500G.

The normal treating capacity can reach up tp 500GPM with 3 phases treatment machines shale shaker and mud cleaner. This mud recycling system can both cleaning and recycling mud and the mixing pump can serve as a charge pump. After the third phase treatment, particles over 20 microns will be separated.

This model is standardized design from many years’ experience for a reliable operation with multi-function self-contained unit for mud cleaning, storage, and mud mixing.The walkways with handrails can be fold down at tank side for transportation. Details of mud treatment machines shale shaker and mud cleaner with the combination of desander and desilter cones are listed in below chart.

Mud Treatment Shale Shkaer Shaker bottom frame is made from stainless steel with rubber sealing protection.
Top brand vibration motors from Italy OLI or US Martin Brand.
Rubber covered dumping spring for less noise and long life.
Wedge type pretensioned screen for fast screen change.
Mud Cleaner Clamp type PU material cyclones for long life and easy maintenance.
Bottom dewatering Shaker is the same as the above shaker.


Besides including mud mixing function, the mud mixing pump also can serve as charging pump to the drilling rigs. The 3# centrifugal pumps can be controlled by a valve to provide a continuous supply of clean mud from 3# de-silter compartment (Mixingcompartment) under pressure to the high pressure mud pump, avoiding problems of starvation and cavitations which can rapidly cause damage.