Carefully Designed Protections for GN Decanter Centrifuge

As leading manufacturer of solids control and waste management systems and equipment, GN Solids Control’s decanter centrifuges are very popular among the clients also. Based on the request of many clients and the coming trend of the higher technology, GN has improved the decanter centrifuge and other equipment every year, and GN decanter centrifuge are more and more human oriented. Some devices on GNLW decanter centrifuge are making operators work to be easier and some are used to prolong the service life.


  1. GN added a protection belt for the bowl during transportation. During long way transportation, the gentle bearings are possible to be damaged before using because of the bowl’s weight. This belt helps to carry most of the weight of the bowl and greatly released the bearing’s burden.
  2. There is a hydraulic jack up on side of the collection box, which helps the operator to open the collection box easier. With help of this design, even a gentle lady could handle the collection box cover easily.
  3. Which is more important, during operation, there are some protections. There is a over flow by pass pipe on decanter centrifuge, when the feeding capacity is too large to be handled by the decanter centrifuge, the extra fluids flows back via the over flow pipe. This pipe is also used to flush the decanter centrifuge every time when work is stopped.
  4. Over current protection. In GN centrifuge’s program, there is an over current protection, when the current is detected to be some percentage more than rated, the centrifuge would stop automatically. It may be because of the block of the bowl or impeller, it is reminding the operator to check the centrifuge or flush it when necessary.
  5. On request of some client, GN could also add some vibration sensor or temperature sensor on the decanter centrifuge and shows the data in the PLC control panel, which helps the operator to observe the decanter centrifuge’s performance and give in-time instruction.

If you have more suggestion or question regarding GN decanter centrifuge, or other GN products including shale shaker, shear pump, mud cleaner, mud mixing system.etc.  welcome to contact us freely.

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