GN Mini Centrifuge

GN Solids Control manufactures various solids control equipments and provides into the global customers over sixty countries. Now GN Solids Control has 9 in . centrifuge, 14 inch centrifuge, 18 inch centrifuge in addition to 22 inch centrifuge.
GN 9 inch centrifuge is usually GNLW223, the rotating acceleration can reach to 4500 rpm for ultra okay solids or particles splitting up. When using different pulleys along with belts, the centrifuge revolving speed can be adjusted. GN additionally provides variable speed centrifuge for clients have several fluids to treat. Treating capability of this centrifuge is around 21 GPM, which will be a little various when treating different going fluids with different densities in addition to viscosities.
GN mini decanter centrifuges are mainly used in the actual mining or core going area, which will be also made use of when have small healing capacity demand. During not too long ago, GN Solids Control has furnished many sets of tiny decanter centrifuge for entire world clients. Now we would like to express one testing result for the mini centrifuge GNLW223.

GN Mini Centrifuge
The actual treating material is 43% oil based slurry, density will be 1650kg/m3, GN use a tiny positive displacement pump or even screw pump to give food to into this decanter centrifuge, treating capacity can be arrive at to 15GPM to 20 GPM. The rotating speed associated with GN decanter centrifuge is actually 2600rpm due to our consumer don’t need to have very dried up solids or cuttings. The particular liquid density come out from discharge port is 1200kg/m3, while the solid discharge is similar to mike shaker.
In order to have a sizable treating capacity, GN in addition provide customized pulley which really helps to increase the rotating speed in the screw propeller. Our clientele wants the solid launch is relative soft, and so not plugging the decanter. In order to have a higher process charge, we’ve found that the primary limitation now is coming from the sturdy discharge rate. We’ve located that double the twist speed will help. In that case we all designed a small drive steering wheel and find some belts just for this client. GN also gives large decanter centrifuge like GNLW363 for large dealing with capacity.

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