Thermal Processing Systems Manufactures from China

After being pioneer on vertical cuttings dryer in China, and have achieve big success, now GN solids Control has been the first Thermal Processing System manufacture in China.

Oil abject and baptize abject assignment mud, accepted oil acreage waste, oil spills, and refinery decay can be thermally advised afterwards the assignment mud or refinery decay has been run through vertical or accumbent decanters area the majority of oil and baptize are removed. The attenuated debris are again thermally advised to non-detect in the Tarmac remediation plant. Production ante are about 2 to 70 bags per hour depending on the admeasurement of the thermal plant.

The ambition of any thermal desorption technology is to aftermath oil-free or ultra-low Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) debris for auctioning by distilling the oils from cuttings and convalescent it to be reused as conduct fluid. Baroid will baddest the a lot of acceptable technology and optimize it based on accessible brand and accommodation requirements.

GN Solids Control China

The added use of thermal technology has fabricated the accretion of abject oil a key affair for operators. Therefore, it has become more important to baddest abject oil that has a lower temperature for desorption, so it can be finer removed from cuttings at a lower temperature. Another account of lower temperature is beneath inherent, thermal abasement of the abject oil. On that basis, the ideal abject oil would be one with top attrition to thermal abasement and a low desorption temperature.


soil feed bin

soil conveyor to dryer

rotary dryer with burner

primary collector

thermal oxidizer with burner

heat exchanger


acid gas scrubber

soil conditioner

starter and control houses

low voltage and high voltage wire from control and starter houses to equipment


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