General Introduction of GNMS-500G Mud Cleaning And Recycling System with a Capacity of 500GPM


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is not only a top manufacturer of solids control equipment and system for oil and gas drilling, but also a top manufacturer of mud cleaning and recycling equipment and system for HDD, CBM, Tunneling, Micro Tunneling, etc. Here generally introduce one model of GN 500gpm mud systems:GNMS-500G.

The normal treating capacity can reach up tp 500GPM with 3 phases treatment machines shale shaker and mud cleaner. This mud recycling system can both cleaning and recycling mud and the mixing pump can serve as a charge pump. After the third phase treatment, particles over 20 microns will be separated.

This model is standardized design from many years’ experience for a reliable operation with multi-function self-contained unit for mud cleaning, storage, and mud mixing.The walkways with handrails can be fold down at tank side for transportation. Details of mud treatment machines shale shaker and mud cleaner with the combination of desander and desilter cones are listed in below chart.

Mud Treatment Shale Shkaer Shaker bottom frame is made from stainless steel with rubber sealing protection.
Top brand vibration motors from Italy OLI or US Martin Brand.
Rubber covered dumping spring for less noise and long life.
Wedge type pretensioned screen for fast screen change.
Mud Cleaner Clamp type PU material cyclones for long life and easy maintenance.
Bottom dewatering Shaker is the same as the above shaker.


Besides including mud mixing function, the mud mixing pump also can serve as charging pump to the drilling rigs. The 3# centrifugal pumps can be controlled by a valve to provide a continuous supply of clean mud from 3# de-silter compartment (Mixingcompartment) under pressure to the high pressure mud pump, avoiding problems of starvation and cavitations which can rapidly cause damage.



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