GN Mud System in Worksite

Each year, GN Solids Control provides many teams of solids control devices or drilling waste management systems for clients. Many of this equipment are completely discussed with clients before putting in manufacturing.


GN experienced workers are trying their best to fabricate excellent devices with top class quality, also is guaranteed by GN QC engineers.


These whole devices are put together and examined before delivered to customer’s worksite to make certain everything running smoothly and save clients time, then when they’re showed up, these devices may be put into use within a brief period. Sometimes, there’re some devices that won’t be taken apart when moving.


For individuals clients need technical the aid of GN, GN can sent our experienced engineers for their worksite.


According to different work site, GN engineers will require all of the solids control devices into account that also involves within the layout obviously.


Lately, GN Solids Control Co. provides one whole group of mud system which isn’t the most popular layout. Because the room is restricted, to place two shale shakers alongside isn’t feasible. So after consideration, GN suggests to place the mud cleaner between the two shale shakers. As everyone knows, mud cleaner can separate much finer solids than shale shaker, so even we arranged to place the mud cleaner in the center, and we attempt to arrange the 2 shale shakers pipelines.


Pipelines in the separated shale shakers are attached to the mud cleaner directly, and also the inlet pipelines to shale shakers will also be separated.


To be able to keep your safety and safeguard the shale shaker, all of the shaker deck is fixed with bolts before transportation. Then when the shake gets to customers’ worksite, these fixed bolts have to be taken apart first. GN is also concentrating on some other details to help keep all of the devices for a lengthy existence, for example use rubber coat to safeguard the shaker spring, use rubber slips to safeguard the shaker screens. The equipment which is made by GN is dedicating towards the best!

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