GN Solids America Offers Solids Control Equipment More Than You Expect

GN solids control system is generally set up on drilling location and used to mix the

Polymer, Bentonite and other chemicals to get slurry solution that used to float the cuttings out of down hole and cool the drilling bit. The fluid is transferred to GN mud mixing system for processing. The mud system will process the fluid in stages. Drilling fluid is transferred to Shaker firstly removing all the large solids from the system. Next stage the fluid is collected by a centrifugal pump and processed thru either a desander hydrocyclcone (1o inch large units with polyurethane material) or a straight to a a desilter hydrocyclcone (4 inch medium units with polyurethane material). The cones can be mounted over a shaker to further remove final solids. The final stage is decanter centrifuge which dictate cut point to 5 microns. GN offer 9 inch, 14 inch,18 and 22 inch different model decanter centrifuge for a variety of applications.




  1. Parts & Service: Mud systems have a lot of moving parts that must be maintained in order to keep them in premium working order. GN has a worldwide distributor and warehouse, which provide the fast parts & service to every corner of the world.


  1. Lubrication Grease & Bearings: If you do not grease and adjust equipment on a regular basis, it may cause not only a mess but also a dangerous work environment. GN suggests lubrication grease which is the common international brand, operator could buy it from every region/gas station. GN has the top brand bearings for the equipment including SKF, NSK and FAG that assure the long time service.


  1. Customization: What if you want to modify cleaning system such specific voltage (I.E 220V, 460V and 480V), your own company colors. GN will be able to assist you to accomplish that


Contact with GN, find a perfect solution.

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