CBM drilling mud recycling system and diamond core drilling mud system

Not too long ago GN solids control style a set of mud recycling/cleaning program which can be utilized for both CBM( core bed methane) drilling and mining diamond core drilling. As the labor expense is a lot more and much more improved, the drilling contractor prefer to purchase one particular unit drilling mud system which might be employed for multi-functions. For instance, a solids handle method can made use of for both workover rig and water well drilling rig, or a mud cleaning technique for both HDD and geothermal drilling, or maybe a mud cleaning system for both CBM drilling and diamond core drilling mud system, Such design and style can save your investment a lot.
We are able to also make separate style mud technique for each of them in accordance with client’s requirement.
The drilling mud system for each CBM and diamond core drilling consists of the equipments under:
1) 8 Mud tank with Hydraulic Jackup Program
two) Mud Cleaner with Double Deck Shale Shaker and Desilter and feed pump, model GNYZ703E-8N
three) GNLW223 Mini Decanter Centrifuge and feed pump
4) Mud Agitators.
In case you are not familiar with CBM or diamond core drilling, pls verify with GN solids handle: http://www.myprgenie.com/view-publication/1000hp-rig-mud-system-for-offshore-drilling

and http://drillingmudcleaner.com/mud-system-utilizing-within-essential-oil-gasoline-region/ 

Except for mud method for the above drillings, GN also generate desander unit for bored piles with customized treating capacity. Welcome to visit here,GN solids America.

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