Variety of Drilling Mud System

A single of one’s function of a Drilling Mud System is generally to wall the hole using a thin, but impermeable filter cake. The size, shape, and the capability of solids to deform beneath pressure will determine the % solids that can be compressed into a offered region. Modest thin, flat particles (bentonite) are substantially far more helpful than enormous irregular shaped particles (drilled solids). The sort of solids deposited against the wellbore alterations the thickness with the filter cake required to attain a provided fluid loss.

The ratio of solids concentration inside the filter cake towards the solids from the Drilling Mud System pump significantly effects the filter cake thickness. Because the solids content material material inside the mud increases, the thickness of the filter cake increases. This really is shown inside the cake thinkness equation.

This Drilling Mud System equation shows that a reduction in solids content material will lead to a slightly larger reduce in cake thickness than a proportional reduction in fluids loss. When filter cake difficulties occur, both selections (or possibly a mixture around the two) ought to become viewed as.

The ratio of solids inside the filter cake to solids within the fulid mud be larger to produce thinner filter cakes for a given fluids loss. Also, the lowered the % solids within the Drilling Mud System pump,the fewer solids will probably be accessible to become filtered our against the well bore for a offered fluid loss. Thick, soft filter cakes cause really a number of drilling complications:

Elevated torque and drag

Stuck pipe

Formation harm

Difficulties with evaluation and cementing

Enhanced swab and surge pressures.

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