Drilling mud system works of GN company

Drilling mud system is importent  for drillings  mud  system. Next we introduce GN drilling mud system system works visit  here .By pre-sieve players screening Hou distribution to of slurry through  directly entered mud purification device of storage pulp slot c, by mud purification device of slag pulp pump d from slot within pumping suck mud, in pump of mouth has must storage can of mud along lost pulp hose from hydraulic cyclone v into pulp mouth cut to launched into, through hydraulic cyclone points selected, grain trail micro of mud sand by Cyclone bottom of sank sand mouth discharge while fall into the upper and lower layer sieve, upper sieve ⑵ and the lower sieve services are installed fine sieve Board. Through fine sieves dehydrating filter, drier and fine ballast material separating the mud through fine sieve filter returned to storage in a slurry tank. After treatment of clean mud from the cyclone overflow pipe into tank ⑺, then the total pipe transportation back to the hole. shiyoutianranqikugong Export of mud purification plant, slurry pump install a recoil slip and pulp storage tank connected and the  difference  is  in function. Export of mud purification plant, slurry pump install a recoil slip and pulp storage tank connected. By recoil slip, disturbance sedimentation in a pulp storage tank trouble, the pulp storage tank is not silting caused by the long-term use of diffuse pulp. Branch-wear to reduce recoil, opened after a slurry pump and before you close the slurry pump recoil slip open ball valve, let it work for 10 minutes and then close the ball valve. Slurry loop process, between tank and pulp storage tank for a liquid level h the buoys to keep the mud purification plant, pulp storage tanks for liquid height constant. Once storage pulp slot within output of pulp volume is greater than supply of, so liquid bit buoy will with liquid surface of declined and falling, at this time in the storage box of mud on through opened of fill pulp tube transferred to storage pulp slot within, liquid surface so rose and recovery undisturbed, liquid bit buoy also with of rose and seal live in the storage box fill pulp tube; if supply pulp volume is greater than output of, storage pulp slot of spill stream tube will will spill stream to prevent storage pulp slot diffuse pulp. When higher-quality slurries are required, by reducing the total amount of pulp and mud separation process in hydrocyclones repeatedly to achieve the goal

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